It seems like in the context of a cruel financial crisis and the prices for securing the most valuable goods constantly increasing, people have tried to figure out certain solutions to reduce the costs for such services. Apart from the common fake surveillance cameras and other similar gadgets, creativity has led to the invention of fake alarm system, not only for your home but also for car or other goods that can be subject to burglary, especially if kept outside.

Fake alarms for apartments

These kinds of devices are created to perfectly mimic the keys of a digital alarm. If you choose to install such a system in your home (you can do it even yourself, because the process is not complicated at all), possible thieves are likely to think for sure that the house is entirely secured by a monitored alarm. These devices are very easy to install, are waterproof and you can also opt to have them both outside and inside the house. The two flashing lights (red and yellow) and key sounds resembles that of an alarm activated. The fake alarms for apartments are ideal for home, office, shops etc .. Most of the models are made of stainless steel and work with two triple A batteries. Other advantages worth mentioning about are the very low consumption and the high battery duration. Overall, if you can not afford to spend money for an expensive house alarm, this might be the best solution for you.

Flashing LED light fake car alarm

This type of circuit ignites a powerful LED (5000mcd) and is used as a warning device or as a fake car alarm. The flashing duration depends on the model, where the brightness is controlled by some resistors that limit the power intensity through the LED. Most of the fake car alarm models can be directly connected to the car battery, but if you are unable to find one that is powered directly from 12 volts, you can then opt for a light red / blue flashing used in series with an extra resistor . You will then use triple A batteries and this problem will be solved.

A disadvantage would be that the installation process can be a little tricky, so you might require the help of someone who is more experienced. But having such a system is cheap and totally worth it. In this way, thieves will surely be kept away from your car, especially if it's parked near your house, because the flashing LED will give the impression of a powerful high-tech alarm.

In these terms of a financial crisis that has not yet reached an end, not anyone can afford paying a lot for expensive security systems. Therefore, fake alarm system was invented to give you a little help in this matter and keep your beloveds protected at a cheaper price.

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