No Contract Alarm Monitoring From Just $8.95


Forget multi-year alarm monitoring contracts and service commitments. Cancel anytime without penalty.  No hidden fees.

True UL Central Station Alarm Monitoring at affordable pricing. Certificate for homeowner’s insurance discount provided.

Reactivate your existing security system without buying a new system.  Honeywell, DSC, GE, Ademco, Interlogix, ADT, 2GIG and more compatibility.

Less expensive than local dealers as well as national brands such as ADT and Brinks.  Save big without a 3 year contract!

Same day monitoring activation, same day insurance certificate.  No onsite tech visit needed!

Service available in all 50 states and Canada.  Unlimited burglary, fire, medical, freeze, and flood zones.

Landline Alarm Monitoring Service Requirements

Honeywell Keypad Programming

Installer Code

You will need to know your panel’s Installer Code because without it no dealer can sign you up for new monitoring service.  This code is used to get into the programming fields necessary to modify the central station account number, and telephone numbers for example. 


The default Installer Code for Honeywell panels is 4112.  For ADT versions try 6321.

The nice feature with Honeywell / Ademco alarm panels is you can easily reset the Installer Code yourself without erasing your panel’s zone configuration or user codes.  Use this link for instructions on Resetting Your Honeywell Installer Code if necessary.


The default Installer Code for DSC panels is 5555 or 5010.

For DSC panels you would need to default the panel and erase all programming in order to reset the Installer Code if unknown.  This requires all new panel programming to match the sensors connected and best left to a local dealer for assistance.  Always easier (if an option) to get the current Installer Code from your previous dealer.

To test enter *8 then Installer Code.  If you get a long beep the code is invalid.  If the red lock light comes on or the keypad displays “Section” the code is valid.  Hit # to exit Programming.

GE / Interlogix

The default Installer Code for Interlogix panels is 4321 or 9713.

There is no way to reset the Installer Code for an Interlogix panel once lost or forgotten.  If you can get the code from the previous dealer great because otherwise the panel cannot be configured for monitoring with a new dealer.

To test enter *8 then Installer Code.  If a long beep then the code is invalid.  If the display shows “Device” the code is good.  Just hit Exit to leave Program Mode.

Active Landline

You will need an actual dial tone at your alarm panel for service.  This can be via a true POTS line (Plain Old Telephone Service) or using VoIP via your router and ISP.  As a warning VoIP is considered unreliable by most alarm system manufacturers because VoIP was designed for voice, not data transmission.  However, we have had good experience with Xfinity, ATT, Verizon, Spectrum, Cox for VoIP use.  Ooma, MagicJack, and many smaller ISPs use heavy compression which corrupts the alarm signals preventing the central station from sucessfully receiving the alarms in a timely manner, if at all.

If using VoIP please confirm the landline output from your router actually connects to your alarm panel before signing up.  ISP techs rarely connect their landline output to alarm systems because they are afraid of the liability.  This is usually left to the DIY homeowner or local alarm dealer.

No Contract UL Dispatch Landline Alarm Monitoring Pricing

* Pricing shown includes a 15% annual pre-pay discount. 

A one-time $15 activation fee applies to all new central station accounts.

Just hit the Signup Button below to get started!

  • Landline/VoIP


    Connect to our UL central station via POTS or VoIP landline. Be aware VoIP is an unreliable communication medium for digital alarm signaling. Also landlines have the risk of outside line tampering.
  • $8.95/mo

    Connect to our UL central station via POTS or VoIP landline. Be aware VoIP is an unreliable communication medium for digital alarm signaling. Also landlines have the risk of outside line tampering.
  • No Contract
    We offer all alarm monitoring plans with NO CONTRACTS. No long-term, multi-year commitments. We do offer pre-pay discounts for annual (15%), six months (5%) or just go month to month. Your choice and never any pressure to change.
  • Landline / VoIP Connectivity
    Connect to our UL central station via POTS or VoIP landline. Be aware VoIP is an unreliable communication medium for digital alarm signaling. Also landlines have the risk of outside line tampering.
  • UL Central Station Dispatch
    We have trained operators ready to respond and verify your alarm signals 24x7x365. This includes burglary alarms, life safety such as fire and CO, status signals (AC loss), and environmental alerts such as low temperature or flood detection. Upto 75 zones of protection which is more than you'll ever need!
  • Text and Telephone Notification
    Receive alarm notifications by both test and telephone. The central station will notify you or a family member/relative, neighbor etc. from your Call List if authorities were dispatched.

Standard Alarm Monitoring

POTS Landline Telephone Alarm Monitoring


Landline using POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) is the standard connection for most home security systems today. Landline alarm monitoring uses your existing telephone connection to communicate with our monitoring facility and doesn’t require an Internet connection. If your security system is triggered, the control panel sends a signal through your phone line to our monitoring facility and begins the emergency response process. Depending on the nature of the problem, our monitoring facility will respond to your alarm and dispatch emergency authorities to your home or business.

Using landline monitoring requires no extra set up and simply connects into your current home telephone line. This is perfect for homes that are in cellular dead-zones or lack high speed internet. It is also the least expensive alarm monitoring solution starting at just $8.95 per month.  


VoIP alarm monitoring works similar to POTS with the exception it goes through your cable provider and modem.  While VoIP works fine with some cable services, in general it is considered unreliable because VoIP was not designed to carry digital alarm signalling.  This is why fax machines do not always work over VoIP as well.  A VoIP add-on is much cheaper than keeping your POTS line, but really should just be used for voice communication. Another issue with VoIP is when power fails so does your VoIP service since your modem may loss power unless on a backup battery.  POTS landlines do not go offline when power fails though both cable and landlines suffer from potential line cuts from weather or intruders.

While we have many customers successfully using a VoIP connection to our central station we do NOT recommend VoIP because it is just not a reliable communication medium.  All major security panel manufacturers and central stations discourage its use.  Keep this is mind when weighing cost vs. risk.

How to save money on alarm monitoring

How Do I Save Money?

Important Questions and Considerations

Switching to a different alarm monitoring provider is not difficult, with some possible exceptions below.  Because our price for real UL central station alarm monitoring is substantially less expensive than most, no contract, and support is better, its a natural move.

  • Are you under an existing alarm monitoring contract?  Be careful because many contracts have auto renewal provisions that may lock you in for another three to five years at high pricing.  Also its common to have a 30 or 60 day termination notification period.  Also are there any hidden termination fees they failed to mention?   Local dealers and even national dealers such as ADT make a LOT of money on alarm monitoring so they will make it as hard as possible for customers to leave.
  • Do you own your alarm equipment?  Another reason to read your existing alarm agreement carefully.  ADT for example offers “free” home security systems when you sign up for their multiyear alarm monitoring plan.  Obviously nothing is free.  In this case ADT owns the main equipment such as control panel, keypad, motion sensor.  Anything added additional you would own but if you terminate service or do not renew the high priced monitoring they remove “their” equipment leaving you with no working alarm system.  Just another sneaky method to retain highly profitable accounts.
  • Do you have an active POTS landline or do you have VoIP? This is important because unless you previously had “reliable” monitoring using VoIP its unlikely the VoIP wiring is run to your alarm control panel, only the original POTS wiring.  Many people miss this small detail.   Its important to know what active communications line runs to your alarm panel, POTS or VoIP.

If you do not have an active POTS or VoIP line running to your alarm panel this will need to be done.  You can do this yourself, ask your cable provider to run their VoIP line to the alarm panel, or consider upgrading to cellular alarm monitoring which does not require a line to be run at all and of course is more secure since the cable outside can not be tampered with outside.

  • Do you know the “Installer Code” for your alarm panel? In many cases the installing alarm company did not provide this important code to you despite you owning the equipment.  This code is used to get into the programming area of your security system.  Since the Primary and Backup toll-free Telephone Numbers to our central station, as well as Account Number need to be modified, getting into Program Mode is necessary.

If you do not know the Installer Code nicely ask your existing or previous alarm company for this code.  They know what it is since they used it to put their account information into your panel.  In some cases dealers will want to send a technician to your home to change the code, and of course charge you for the visit ($100).  There is no reason why they can’t tell you this code over the phone. Don’t fall for this last chance to milk you!

Depending on the brand and model alarm control panel there may be a “back door” into your panel if the Installer Code is not known.  Honeywell/Ademco Vista panels for example have an easy way to get into Program Mode if the code was forgotten.  Others however must be “factory reset” meaning it erases all current configuration (zones, passcodes, etc.) and acts like a new panel out of the box.  Reprogramming the panel is NOT something you want to tackle on your own and usually requires a local dealer to assist.  Hopefully you know the Installer Code or can get it from the previous dealer without hassle.

One point to mention is “if” you are considering upgrading to cellular monitoring communicators such as the Telguard TG1 which can be programmed remotely by us (no charge) and will fool your alarm panel into thinking its still connected to a POTS line.  The Telguard unit will change the account number so there is no need to get into Program Mode at all. They come in both Verizon and AT&T LTE flavors.

See our primer on Resetting the Installer Code on Honeywell Alarm Panels!

Steps Involved in switching alarm monitoring

Landline Alarm Monitoring Steps

  • Make the purchase for UL Central Station Alarm Monitoring.  Select billing period: Monthly or Annual.  We get an annual prepay discount from our UL central station provider which we pass on to our customers.  Annual billing comes with a 15% discount for example.  This is NOT a contract rather a prepay discount. 
  • Complete our Alarm Monitoring Enrollment Form.  This details your address, telephone number to verify alarm before dispatch, passcode to validate user, zone information, etc.
  • We will send you the primary and backup toll-free telephone numbers for our UL central station as well as new account number.  Since we are a low-cost DIY focused alarm monitoring dealer we expect you know your Installer Code and are familar enough to modify the basic dial-out configuration on your own.  We can assist if you run into problems of course.
  • You will receive an Alarm Monitoring Certification to give to your insurance company agent.  Most give a 10% – 20% annual premium discount for a UL monitored alarm system so its important to have this certification.
UL Central Station Certificate For Insurance Discount
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18 thoughts on “Landline POTS VoIP Alarm Monitoring

  1. David C. says:

    Was definitely much easier than I thought to switch alarm companies. My local guy kept increasing his price every year to the pont I was paying $26/month for simple phone line service. Dropping to just $9 with zero contract was a winner for me. Very happy customer. Thanks Andrew!

  2. Vince K. says:

    I had to call many dealers just to find out most did not want to monitor my older Ademco panel. These guys happily monitor my home now and at a price half over what I was paying prevously ($19.99) compared to their $8.98 price. Was an easy flip. Which I knew about these people ten years ago!

  3. Elisa F. says:

    Chris walked me though the changes needed at my keypad for my old Ademco system so it would now call their alarm monitoring company rather than ADT. I was not aware I could save $20 each month by just changing companies. Was easy-peezy. Thanks Chris!

  4. Rene J. says:

    I dropped service with my local alarm dealer three years ago because their price kept increasing. With all the turmoil happening today my wife convinced me it was time to get service back on. After researching I found SafeHomeCentral which offered alarm cerificates for my insurance agent and only charged $9 a month. Was able to make the changes myself using the instructions emailed once I signed up. I tested everything and then called to put my system live. Tripped an alarm (my front door) and got a call from SafeHomeCentral’s dispatcher quickly. Gave my secret password to disregard the alarm and now know I am fully protected again.

  5. Dusty C. says:

    I was using NextAlarm for the past 5 years but they went out of business leaving me to start the search for a new alarm monitoring service. Got lucky and found these people after only a few calls. I have an older 1990’s system that most companies don’t want to touch but its worked great for years and I’ll change it out when it finally breaks. SafeHomeCentral is a family run company rather than a mega corporation which I like. One of the sons who run the company actually helped me with some programming questions. Got put online and tested quickly with no issues. Did a live test the next day and a dispatcher called me really quick to “verify” my alarm. Happy customer!

  6. Sirish says:

    I have a 2GIG go control panel installed at my home but the cell module has expired. I wanted to know if I can use it for monitoring using a telephone line. What options do I have?

    • Chris says:

      The 2GIG GC2 can be monitored via landline though you will lose all of your current interactive services remote control capability. If that is not a concern then going with landline is possible assuming you have an active telephone line connected to the GC2. VoIP landline can work depending on service provider but VoIP is very unreliable and not recommended.

  7. Dan K. says:

    Safehomecentral just dialed into my old Ademco panel and made the programming changes which was very convienant. Tripped an alarm to test the next day and received a call from their central station pretty damn quick. Very satisfied with their tech support and highly recommend their service.

  8. Richard A. says:

    Changed over my Honeywell Vista panel to last month. The process was easy mainly because the tech (Tim) was great to work with. He remotely programmed the changed into my panel and then I just tripped a few alarms to make sure their central station saw the signals coming in. Was paying $19.95 for eight years but now paying just $8.95 for the exact same service. Pays to shop around. Wish I did this earlier since I’m now retired.

  9. Peter A. says:

    Very quick switch from the alarm company I have used for 12 years paying $22/month a year at a time upfront! Can’t believe I’m getting the same if not better alarm monitoring for under $10 a month. What is really nice is being able to contact them for support on a weekend which I never could get with my former security people. The tech who set me up was professional and courteous. Definitely a pleasure.

  10. Roger A. says:

    Smooth sailing getting setup using an Xfinity VOIP landline. Took maybe ten minutes programming the central station info into my Vista-15P then another 20 minutes testing all of my zones with the central station. Tim was excellent to work with!

  11. Jake P. says:

    I signed up with a different dealer before finding you but they told me my VOIP connection was making too much noise for their receiver to understand my alarm signals. Does your receiver handle VOIP?

    • Chris says:

      Hello Jake! We can handle VoIP depending on your ISP service. We have had good luck with Verizon and Comcast for example but marginal at best with many others. VoIP is NOT recommended for digital alarm communication because the compression/decompression to save bandwidth by the ISP will impact the digital quality, in some cases signifficantly. If your last dealer could not make it work its probable we can’t either since most central stations use the same type of equipment. We do more testing than usual with VoIP connections to understand if multiple retries are needed to get the signal through successfully. More retries means longer response from the dispatchers since they can only react once the alarm is clearly received.

      Have you considered using cellular? We have many different models to choose from including universal cellular communicators that will work with any brand and model hardwired panel. Much more reliable and less risk since there are no wires outside to cut.

  12. Chris D. says:

    I have a SafeWatch Pro alarm system installed by ADT six years ago. Can you monitor this alarm? I would like to continue using my telephone line at this time. I’m paying almost $30 today but my contract with ADT has expired.

    • Tim says:

      Hello Chris! Yes we can offer alarm monitoring via landline for your SafeWatch Pro which is basically a Honeywell Vista-20P with a few proprietary modifications in the firmware. UL central station monitoring and dispatch is only $8.95 rather than the $30 you are paying today. Just sign-up and we can get you switched over today or whenever you are ready.

    • Chris says:

      Hello Keith! Yes we currently monitor all models of DSC alarm systems, both hardwired like yours and wireless such as Impassa and iOtega. VoIP is not very reliable in general but can work with providers such as Verizon and Xfinity/Comcast. To be sure however we’ll need to test to make sure your alarm transmissions are received correctly. Many times with VoIP the tranmission has to be resent multiple times because of poor signal reception whereas it would always go through first pass with a real POTS line. We’ve had good luck with Comcast VoIP but testing is always necessary. For real reliability and speed consider upgrading to cellular!

  13. Donald K. says:

    I began using SafeHomeCentral for alarm monitoring at our home almost three years ago and has been nothing but great service. My DSC alarm system was installed locally about 5 years ago and when they increased their price to $27 from $25 a month we started looking around. Have been paying $9 a month ever since we switched and the service is even faster!

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