Forget multi-year alarm monitoring contracts and service commitments. Cancel anytime without penalty.  No hidden fees.

True UL Central Station Alarm Monitoring at affordable pricing. Certificate for homeowner’s insurance discount provided.

Reactivate your existing security system without buying a new system.  Honeywell, DSC, GE, Ademco, Interlogix, ADT, and more compatibility.

Less expensive than local dealers and national brands such as ADT and Brinks with better service.  Save big without a 3 year contract!

Free remote configuration of communicator and compatible panel over cellular. 

Service available in all 50 states.  Unlimited burglary, fire, medical, freeze, and flood zones.

Affordable UL Central Station Alarm Cellular Monitoring Pricing

* Pricing shown includes a 15% annual pre-pay discount. 

A one-time $25 activation fee applies to all new central station accounts.

  • Dispatch


    No Mobile App Control

    Central Station Dispatch

    We offer all alarm monitoring plans with NO CONTRACTS. No long-term, multi-year commitments. We do offer pre-pay discounts for annual (15%) or just go month to month. Your choice and never any pressure to change.
  • $ 19.95 Cell Only

    We offer all alarm monitoring plans with NO CONTRACTS. No long-term, multi-year commitments. We do offer pre-pay discounts for annual (15%) or just go month to month. Your choice and never any pressure to change.
  • No Contract - ever!
    We offer all alarm monitoring plans with NO CONTRACTS. No long-term, multi-year commitments. We do offer pre-pay discounts for annual (15%), six months (5%) or just go month to month. Your choice and never any pressure to change.
  • UL Central Station
    We have trained operators ready to respond and verify your alarm signals 24x7x365. This includes burglary alarms, life safety such as fire and CO, status signals (AC loss), and environmental alerts such as low temperature or flood detection. Up to 75 zones of protection which is more than you'll ever need!
  • Connection: Cellular
    Connect via cellular for a fast, lower risk connection to our UL central station. Line tampering by an intruder is virtually eliminated with cellular! Because cellular communicators are wired directly to security systems they are powered and battery backed up by the alarm panel. This is important since LAN devices are generally NOT protected against power failure.
  • Remote Configuration
    We can remote configure your compatible alarm panel at no extra charge.
  • Text, eMail, Phone Notification
    Receive alarm notifications by text, email, and phone when the Interactive Services option is selected. This includes system arming or disarming, power loss - all easily customizable by the subscriber. In addition the central status will notify by phone a family member/relative, neighbor etc. from your Call List if authorities were dispatched.
  • AT&T or Verizon cell service included
    Choose the carrier service that works best in your home or business. Your cellular communicator determines which carrier will be used (AT&T or Verizon).
Telguard TG-1 Express Cellular Communicator For Hardwired Alarm Control Panels

We can use your new or existing Telguard cellular communicator to access securely our UL central station alarm monitoring partner.  As long as your Telguard unit is a 4G LTE model you are good to go!  If you have an older 3G model using either AT&T or Verizon they can no longer be activated with these carriers since 3G is gone in the US.   All 3G communicators MUST be replaced with LTE models for service.

Compatible Devices

8 thoughts on “Telguard Cellular Alarm Monitoring Services

  1. Derek G. says:

    Easy hookup to my old Brinks legacy alarm panel. Just plugged in the gray cord that went to my telephone jack (RJ31X?), connected power from the alarm panel, and I was up and running using cellular. Never needed to touch the panel or try to get ADT who bought my Brinks monitoring to give me the Installer code. Cost was almost half what I paid ADT each year for the past 6 years not counting their annual price increases!

  2. Jacob W. says:

    Very easy adding cellular to my old Moose Z1100 panel. Saved a bundle by canceling my landline service and now have a more reliable connection. Telguard pricing was very good especially with no multiyear contract. Tech support was knowledgable and easy to work with. Got everything setup same day despite being on a Sunday too!

  3. Jimmy G. says:

    This was exactly what I was looking for, a cell device that would work with my old Ademco panel (circa 1993) and a cost for monitoring $10 below what I paid for landline service from my current dealer of 20 years. Was easy to just plug in my phone cord into the Telguard box and connect power to this same cord. Was a 20 minute project and saves me over $100 a year using cellular. I dropped my landline which costs me $41 each month which is the real savings I was after. Had to buy the TG1 on eBay since no one had any in stock.

  4. Don H. says:

    I have an old DSC alarm panel installed around 2001 with unknown Installer Code using landline and no clue who originally installed the alarm panel. I didn’t want to rip out the panel but I was paying ProtectionOne $30/month and looking to reduce my bill for monitoring. Tim at Safehomecentral told me about the Telguard TG1 which I could use without knowing my Installer Code. Hookup was pretty easy by just adding power from the panel and plugging in my phone jack (think its called an RJ31) then tripped a few alarms and got a call from their dispatcher looking to verify the alarm. Cut my bill in half, now have cellular which is cut-proof, and I cancelled my landline which was costing me $45/mo. Wow did we save on this and kept the original system which still works great.

  5. Charles D. says:

    Very easy to hookup. I just unplugged from my landline jack and plugged into the cellular communicator. Connected power and was ready to test with Chris. Smooth process for getting customers connected with minimal hassle. Bought my TG1 Express on Amazon but had I known Safehomecentral also sold them for a few dollars less would have just ordered from them. Don’t expect to be buying a new one for years!

  6. Dom S. says:

    I was already using a Telguard TG1 with another alarm company and discovered I couldnt switch because I had a 3G model. Since I was paying $35/mo for cellular alarm monitoring rather than $17 for the same thing with SAFEHOMECENTRAL it made sense to switch and upgrade to the 4G LTE guy which I’d have to do anyway soon. All I had to do was unplug the cord from the existing unit and plug into the new one. Called Tim with the new serial number and tested. Couldnt have been easier to save. Highly recommend these people.

  7. Victor A. says:

    Great device for older panels. I have an Ademco Vista-20SE which is no longer made and my options for 4G communicators were limited. The Telguard unit was simple to hookup. Was paying $25/mo for cellular service with my last dealer. At $10 less a month really happy!

  8. Brian F. says:

    Using with my GE Concord 4 which had a landline attached but dropped the line due to cost. Tried VOIP through my cable company but didnt work consistantly which had me too worried so opted for cellular. The TG1 was easy to install and the price for cellular monitoring was attractive. My orginal alarm dealer didnt supply certificate for my insurance company but got one via email day 1 from these people!

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