A driveway alarm can be the first line of defense for your home or office. These devices are extremely useful as they can quickly notify you of any people or vehicles approaching your property. You can get audio as well as visual alerts upon someone entering your driveway or parking space. If you have a big house then you can imagine the benefits of installing a driveway alarm system. This system can alert you of intruders much earlier than other conventional alarm systems.

There are different kinds of driveway alarm systems. Infrared motion detectors can detect both vehicles and people but they may frequently issue false alarms because of animals, birds or pets moving about in your driveway. The problem is, if you receive frequent false alerts, you will soon become desensitized and stop caring when the alarm rings.

Another type is the pressure tube sensor which comprises of a rubber air hose. Whenever a vehicle drives over it, the alarm is triggered due to the weight of the vehicle pressing down on the air hose. This type of alarm is usually not very effective because it is clearly visible above the ground and can be easily avoided by incoming cars. Another problem is that the rubber hose usually deteriorates with time.

A third type of driveway alarm is the magnetic vehicle detector. It senses any vehicles passing nearby or over the sensor. These devices are not clearly visible to the intruders. They are most effective as they are unlikely to give you false alarms, but installing them can be difficult and time-consuming. You might have to hire the services of an expert to install these at your home or office.

Among the 3 mentioned driveway alarm systems, magnetic detectors are the best and most efficient if you want to just detect incoming vehicles. They use magnetic metal sensing probes to detect large metal objects like cars, vans etc. They do not pick up animals or people, thus reducing the chance of false alarms. Due to these benefits many people switch over from infrared to magnetic alarms. Another major benefit is that since these detectors are usually buried deep down the ground, they don’t spoil the look of your garden or lawn.

Wireless magnetic alarm systems can be the most convenient and perfect solution for your driveway security needs as they are far easier to install than their wired counterparts. Never compromise on the safety of your family. Wireless magnetic driveway alarms are truly worth the extra money when compared to other driveway security solutions. I would advice you to buy security products from the leading brands such as Dakota, Optex, or Rodann. These are reputed companies whose products are trusted by thousands of people.

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