Your home is no doubt important to you, and you want to protect it around the clock, especially when you are away. There are different types of wireless alarm systems on the market. The Protector plus system sounds a screaming alarm, flashes lights and automatically calls the numbers that you have programmed in the system to deliver a pre-recorded message. This alarm has 16-zone security with motion, door and window sensors. It alerts by a siren, an emergency dialer and flashing light. This system contains a security systems console, security remote control, wireless motion detector, lamp module, keychain security remote and window and door censors.

The monitored alarm system works the moment you press the trigger button. The monitor sets off flashing lights that activate a siren and calls a monitoring station. The monitoring station calls your home to confirm the authenticity of the call. If the stations feel that there is something suspicious, the police and up to three contact people are called. Thus, this system has three-way protection — a screaming siren, emergency dialer and flashlights.

The third is system is the outdoor motion activated alert kit that enables you to know when someone walks into your room or when someone is moving around in your home. When the monitor censor is triggered, the remote chime will sound. This alarm system enables you to find out who is ringing the doorbell before they actually ring it.

Power flash burglar alarm interface connects to an existing burglar alarm system and flashes light connected to lamp modules and wall switches the moment the alarm trips.

Source by Jason Gluckman

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