Video surveillance – is a process of visual inspection and recording of video image.

In recent years, CCTV has become an integral function of the integrated security system, as the modern surveillance equipment can not only watch and record videos, but also react in event of alarm. Installing video surveillance in house will allow you can constantly be in contact with your home and know what’s going on in every corner via internet. You can also control security camera from any location and see what happens in your house, watching as your kids are playing, hear what they talk, who leads the guests. All information is recorded on the hard drive and you can always look interesting moments.

Used in surveillance systems do not require a specially trained person, it is simple and reliable in use.

Surveillance is used not only for protection, but also for security and control of life. For example: performance evaluation, monitoring of human and material movements, etc.

Coziness, comfort and complete safety – is the main advantage of intelligent control systems. The most important aspect of intelligent CCTV is security protection. Integration of complex automated control system allows secure and easy-to-use algorithm for security functions, monitoring and control.

CCTV cameras can be classified into analog and digital. The analog system used where necessary to organize a surveillance of a small number of premises and information from CCTV cameras to record on a DVR. These complexes capture, record and analyze information from cameras, card readers and access control, security and fire detectors, and “decide” to protect the protected object in standalone mode or as directed by the system operator.

Camera can be divided by structural features.

Box Camera – open frame device, usually designed for installation in a variety of housing

Pinhole Camera – square or cylindrical shells commonly used as a finished product for indoor installation

Dome Camera – vandal resistant housing, installed on the ceiling

Outdoor camera – weather resistant, often with night vision, suitable for outdoor use

PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) – motorized camera, dome shape, can be controlled remotely, strong zoom.

Wireless security cameras – normally operate on 1.2Mhz and 2.4Mhz frequencies.

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