Why are Hidden cameras becoming main stream?

1. Since the inception of Hidden cameras, they have come a long way. Hidden cameras use to be for Business, movie makers, and the Elite. Now with new technology and manufacturing the costs have not only become affordable they have become easy to use and go completely unnoticed in your home or business.

2. There are hidden cameras of every shape, size and kind on the market today from network cameras to teddy bear cameras and everything in between.

3. Hidden cameras are easy to use and readily available.

4. Abuse is a real factor in America, driving people to make sure their children and or parents are being cared for properly. The hidden camera is perfect for keeping tabs on the care givers.

Which type of Hidden camera best suites my needs?

1. How do you plan to watch your video? If you plan to watch it on the Internet the cameras is the same you just need to make sure to purchase the proper software for your computer to stream it live. If that isn’t a concern you can use a DVR system that records it to watch at a later time.

2. Wireless or wired? Wireless cameras are really great because you can place them anywhere. Most wireless cameras come equipped with a receiver that sets by your computer or DVR device. Where as a wired cameras would have to place in an area that the cables are hidden running to your recording device or computer to maintain the integrity of what your trying to accomplish; finding out what is going on at your house or place of business.

3. Lighting conditions. Are the times you need to be informed during good lighting or not? If you’re not sure, they have x-vision cameras which work great both with and without good lighting. X-vision cameras are black and white recording only, which is usually suitable for most needs. Color cameras are available if that is necessary they just don’t work as well in low light conditions if at all.

4. There are hidden cameras that will fit any office or home and be completely undetected. For example the radio alarm clock hidden camera is perfect for night stands; in fact the alarm and radio really work. A child’s room with lots of stuffed animals a bear cam would not stand out, or an air freshener, wall clock, plant, tissue box, etc. There are almost endless amount of different types. Search around and find which one fits best for your home or office.

Do I need a DVR system or not?

1. That depends if you want to record long periods of time or not. If you are using a hidden camera at your place of business one that records long periods can help catch any crime that might be taking place when your away from the office or closed for the day or weekend.

2. If you are only targeting certain times of the day your computer might have the capacity to handle to recording times you need. Most home owners check out what is going on regular basis as to not need long durations.

3. If you are using them to watch your house when you’re on vacation and might not have access to the Internet a DVR system would be a good fit. If you do have the Internet and can frequently check on your house and make the necessary calls if something is going on then the computer would be the right fit.

4. Computers have come a long way and yours might have a huge hard drive that will enable you to record all you need. That is something you will need to find out before you buy your system.

What are some Advantages of hidden cameras?

1. I guess the most obvious, is they are hidden, no one alters their behavior because they are being watched, giving you the opportunity to see them as they are.

2. Personal security; you know what is going on, giving you comfort and personal security.

3. Hidden cameras give you the upper hand when dealing with he said she said situations with care givers or whoever might be working on or in your home or business.

4. If the need should arise your footage is allowed as evidence in the court of Law.

What are some disadvantages of hidden cameras?

1. Hidden cameras are just that hidden, so they don’t deter persons from committing crimes or atrocities that the visible surveillance camera might.

2. There is some controversy with hidden cameras. Some people view them as an invasion of personal privacy and that isn’t without merit. Due to the nature of the camera being hidden persons using them could be doing so in an inappropriate manner. Currently hidden cameras are legal in all States. However voice recording depends on your area and you can never record the voice with video under any circumstance.

3. Wireless hidden camera signals can be intercepted by someone with the proper equipment, which could then be used against you by monitoring your house or business for opportunities to commit a crime or an atrocity.

In conclusion, I wrote this article to help inform you prior to purchasing a hidden camera and give you some insight into them and their advantages and disadvantages. I believe hidden cameras, if handled responsible are a wonderful tool for providing personal security and comfort. Remember the best time to learn your lesson about personal security and self defense is before something happens.

Source by Adam Sisterhen

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