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Alarm.com cellular alarm monitoring
Alula Security Systems
Landline alarm monitoring

Simple Same-Day Switch

No Onsite Tech Visit Needed

Knowledgeable Technical Support Staff 7 Days a Week


Simple Same-Day Switch

No Onsite Tech Visit Needed – DIY Friendly Setup

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True UL Certified Central Station Dispatch

Our 24x7x365 dispatchers will call you to verify received alarm events and contact your local authorities when rapid emergency response is needed. 


Best Pricing In The Industry

Why pay the huge markup national dealers and local security dealers charge when you can get the same without a multi-year contract from only $8.95 with us.

No Pricing Gimmicks

We don’t use artificially low Year 1 pricing with higher rates Year 2 and even higher Year 3. Stable, reliable, affordable monitoring pricing.


Insurance Savings

We supply a certificate of UL central station monitoring enabling up to 20% savings on your annual insurance premium. With our highly discounted rates your monitoring cost could be fully covered by the insurance savings.


Phone App Control

Have the flexability to arm/disarm your alarm, control z-wave lights, locks, thermostats, and view video doorbells and cameras all from your Android or iOS smartphone, tablet, PC or MAC.


Rapid Response

Our average time to respond is under 30 seconds making us one of the fastest in the industry.  Don’t be left waiting when timing is everything.


Disaster Prepared

Don’t be fooled by single facility vendors.  We have multiple US based, fully staffed, hardened UL listed facilities protecting you.  We are here when you need us most.


Exceptional Technical Support

Friendly, knowledgable staff can get you enrolled and online with our services in under an hour, no appointment. Unlike our competitors we are here 7 days a week for support and accessable by phone, chat, email.


No Hidden Pricing

No need to call for a price quote like most.  Why be pressured by a salesperson to sign for service?  We show all of our pricing right online.  Easy signup online.  Nothing hidden.


Make The Switch and Start Saving Today!


Signup Risk Free!

History Builds Trust!

Vanguard installed our original alarm system back in 1990.  When we decided it was time to modernize, not only were these people still in business they hooked me on DIY and I saved big $$$.  Brian helped me upgrade from landline to cellular which was way easier than I thought. Can’t recommend enough.

Carl D. – Ardmore, PA


Easy, Easy, Easy

Swapping monitoring companies was not the challenge I thought it would be.Tim was great to work with helping me choose the right plan and options. My last dealer sold me too many options just not needed.  Saved a lot of money and who doesn’t love controlling everything from their Phone!

Jimmy and Beth T. – Fort Worth, TX


Great Support When Needed

Programming my Vista-20P panel was the biggest concern (fear) for my DIY project but Andrew walked me through a lot of it plus programmed my panel over the wire. Boom – I was up and running in no time.A great DIY experience!

Dan R. – Stockton, CA


Our Vacation Home

I signed up with Vanguard Security more than 12 years ago and the savings just keeps building. When we bought a vacation home it was a natural to go with these guys again. Easy to work with and great monitoring which is basically free with my insurance discount.

Bob M. – Alpharetta GA


Remote Control of Your Alarm Panel

Support For All Major Interactive Service Platforms and Apps

We Create All Necessary Service Accounts For You – Simplicity!  
AlarmNet TC2 Interactive app
Alarm.com Interactive Security app
Alula Security Interactive App

Arm and disarm your security system from anywhere in the world

Get alerts and alarm notifications right in the app

Control Z-Wave lights, door locks, thermostats from your phone or computer

Answer your video doorbell from your phone 

View indoor and outdoor WIFI video cameras from your phone or computer.  Multiple cloud storage options.

Put your central station account on test or verify the alarm right from your app (Alarm.com)

Open and close Chamberlain LiftMaster garage doors

Geofencing capability to auto arm/disarm based on distance from home

Remote Control of Your Alarm Panel

We Support All Major Interactive Service Platforms and Apps

Cellular, Ethernet, WIFI


Outstanding Customer Service, Great Pricing

Starting at only $8.95

Contractors Welcome!

SIGNup Risk Free!

Forget multi-year alarm monitoring contracts and service commitments. Go month to month or save 15% with an annual pre-pay.

Real UL Central Station dispatch alarm monitoring. Certificate for homeowner insurance discount provided saving you up to 20% on your premium.

Reactivate your existing security system without buying a new alarm. 

Less expensive than your local security dealer and 2X-3X less than the national brands such as ADT and Brinks!    

Interactive services options for remote arm/disarm and control of lights, door locks, thermostats as well as video.

Inexpensive cellular, Internet/WIFI, or landline/VoIP connectivity with multiple redundancy options. All carrier fees included with cellular option.

Free remote configuration of communicator when using Internet or cellular options.

Service available in all 50 states and Canada.  Unlimited burglary, fire, medical, freeze, and flood zones.

Easy Signup Online or Call For Help


signup Risk Free!



  • As long as have already cancelled service with your past dealer then it most cases we can get you registered and online today. 
    • If using Alarm.com your cellular communicator’s IMEI must be released by the previous dealer first.  You can check your IMEI for registration status here.
    • AlarmNet and Alula services use a MAC and CRC address pair.  You would need to call us to check to see if the previous dealer has released your MAC address for new service.
    • Telguard uses a 10 digit serial number.  Call to find out if the serial number number has been released by the previous dealer.
    • Landline service can easily be started same day since we’ll just be changing the telephone numbers and account number of the hardwired panel.  Be sure to cancel service with the dealer so you are not paying twice!
  • Monitoring plans are recurring monthly or annual subscriptions that get paid by the credit card on file when you signup.  We send out a renewal reminder email three days before a charge is made so you have an opportunity to update an expired credit card or cancel service before the charge is made.
  • Always cancel service first when changing dealers so (1) you are not paying twice, (2) if using Alarm.com, AlarmNet, Alula, Telguard the previous dealer needs to release the MAC or IMEI address of your communicator in order to change dealers.  Only one dealer at a time can have the MAC or IMEI address registered.
  • Your alarm system’s Installer Code is necessary to get into the programming section so we can setup and configure for our monitoring service.  In many cases the previous dealer left the default Installer Code in place, which is recommended, but some dealer’s will change it to lock customers into their monitoring service.  You can check to see if the default Installer Code works here.
  • In some cases the default Installer Code is still in place.  Check to see here. In some cases its easy to reset the Installer Code such as with Honeywell Vista series panels, while others either need to be factory defaulted which erases all configuration, and in a few cases such as the Interlogix Concord 4 or Honeywell Lyric there is no Installer reset available.  Try “nicely” asking the previous dealer for the alarm system’s Installer Code.

Changing monitoring dealers is generally not difficult though a few dealers will try to make it difficult to leave.

Step 1: Cancel service with your existing dealer.  If using IP or cellular communication path to our central station the dealer will “release” the MAC/CRC pair or IMEI address depending on service chosen.

Step 2:Test to make sure you have a valid Installer Code for new service.  Default Installer Codes can be found here.

Step 3: Choose the monitoring service that matches your communicator (example Landline, Alarm.com, AlarmNet, Alula, Telguard) by going to Monitoring Services on our top menu.

Step 4: Add the chosen plan to the Cart then Checkout.

Step 5: Make your initial monthly or annual payment at Checkout then complete the green Monitoring Enrollment Form after payment.  Once we receive the order and enrollment form one of our support techs will get you online same day while the office is open.  We activate accounts 7 days a week!

Step 6: You will receive a Welcome email from Alarm.com, Alula, or AlarmNet once your accounts have been created and ready for testing.  If using landline service or Telguard a tech will reach out to get your system setup for monitoring.