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Meet The Lyric Controller

Powerful and efficient, the Lyric Controller delivers a great connected home experience right out of the box. It puts consumers’ homes at their fingertips – all from one vibrant, 7-inch display. It’s intuitive, easy to learn, and easy to use, whether you control the system with a tap on the touchscreen, or the sound of your voice!

When considering Lyric for upgrading older Honeywell wireless systems, your existing 5800 series one-way wireless devices will work with Lyric!

See our review of the Honeywell Lyric Wireless DIY Security and Home Automation System here.

  • Supports SiX™ two-way encrypted and legacy 5800 Series wireless sensors
  • ATT and Verizon 4G LTE cellular options
  • On-board Wi-Fi® and Z-Wave® for maximum flexibility
  • Built-in front-mounted camera* can snap a picture when the system is disarmed and notify your customers
  • Users can control security, thermostats, lights, locks and video with one touch – at the display or via their smart devices• Quick Sync feature enables fast connection to Wi-Fi with WPS enrollment – no passwords or network information required
  • 100+ customizable smart scenes
  • Supports a total of six Honeywell Z-Wave thermostats or four Lyric Wi-Fi thermostats
  • Eight compatible IP cameras
  • 128 wireless zones plus two hardwired zones
  • 48 simultaneous users
  • 6,000 event logs
  • Contemporary design blends with any décor
  • Wall or desk mount

Build The Perfect Wireless Home Security System For Your Home With Lyric


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You talk.  Lyric listens.

Honeywell Lyric Home Security System - Hello Lyric

The Lyric Controller responds to simple voice commands, letting you enjoy convenient, hands-free home control.  Simply say “Hello Lyric” or “OK Lyric” to bring it to life.  Your mornings can run more smoothly by saying “Wake Up” and having the heat turned up to the perfect temperature.  Ready to turn in?  Just say “Bedtime” to arm your security system, turn off the lights, ensure doors are locked, and your thermostat lowered. Say hello to convenience.

Smart Scenes

Savings, Comfort and Control

Honeywell Lyric Smart Scenes

Lyric makes it easy to automate scenes for energy savings, comfort and security.  Leaving for the day?  Your lights can go off and the thermostat can adjust itself to a more economical setting.  Unlock the front door for a babysitter at the same time every week, have the lights turn up as the sun goes down and always enter a comfortable, well-lit home.  The only limitation is your imagination.

Mobile Control

Any phone. Any tablet.  Anywhere.

Smartphone Mobile Control of your home security system
Honeywell Home Security and Automation

Lyric turns your smartphone into a smart home – whether you’re across the street or across the world.  Control security, thermostats, lights, locks, cameras and more whenever you want, wherever you are.  Know at a glance if a gate has been opened, a window has closed or if your home gets too warm or too cold so you can take action.  It’s the smartest way to stay connected.  Just add Total Connect interactive service for remote system control.


Focus on What Matter

Honeywell Lyric Front Camera Snapshot

The Lyric Controller has a built-in camera that can send you a picture when the system is disarmed, making it a snap to stay in the know.  See when your child gets home from school and know exactly when the babysitter or dog walker arrives – anytime, anywhere, on any smart device. Total Connect interactive service required.


Picture the Possibilities

Honeywell Lyric Video

Who says you can’t be everywhere at once?  View live video on the go and see what happens the instant it happens on your smartphone or tablet.  Whether you want to peek in on your pets, check up on your parents, keep up with your kids or just keep them close, Lyric puts peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

Real-Time Video Alerts

Customize alerts by time, day or motion detection so you only see what you want to see.  Know if a delivery arrives, view who comes and goes and see what’s going on when you’re not there.

Camera Viewing

View up to four indoor or outdoor cameras at one time right on the Lyric Controller.  Or, look in on six cameras via mobile devices – a great way to keep an eye on your family and home wherever the day takes you.

Lyric video via smartphone

Honeywell Total Connect Video Services

Lyric Keypad

Portable Protection

Honeywell Lyric Smart Keypad

The Lyric Smart Keypad enables easy, on-premises security system control for the ultimate convenience and flexibility.  Sleek and stylish, it blends with any decor and can be placed on walls, tabletops or nightstands.  Arm or disarm your system, summon emergency response and receive system status updates with sound and voice virtually anywhere in your home.

11 thoughts on “Honeywell Lyric Wireless Home Security and Automation System

  1. Peter A. says:

    Updated an older DSC 1832 hardwired panel with a Honeywell Lyric. I used the Honeywell 5800C2W to convert my existing eight hardwired zones to wireless without having to ever change batteries in the future. I had been using a landline (actually VOIP) with the DSC panel but now using both WIFI and cellular. The Total Connect 2 app really rocks allowing my wife and I to control Lyric from our cell phones. Really handy. Tim at SHC did all of the programming which made installation a breeze. Definitely an upgrade panel recommendation!

    • Tim says:

      The Honeywell Lyric is by far the easiest for a DIY homeowner to program. Large touch screen and very intuitive menu. Of course SafeHomeCentral also offers free remote panel programming too making installation that much easier and quick. I would say half ofour Lyric customers program the controller themselves with us just checking over all settings while the other half figures programming is a one time effort and not worth spending an hour or two with the manual. Definitely the customer’s choice for programming but it really is very simple to do yourself.

  2. Donna G. says:

    Is there a Verizon LTE cellular communicator for the Lyric system? I only see an AT&T version. I’m worried about the strength of the AT&T signal in my home. I have a Verizon phone and it works well just about everywhere in the house.

    • Chris says:

      Hello Donna! Honeywell has yet to release their Verizon LTE module for Lyric. We’ve been hearing its any day now for about a year so not sure what to say. Our customers who just can’t get good signal with AT&T in their home have gone with WIFI/IP Internet with the central station with the plan to add Verizon cellular redundancy once it becomes available, or drop WIFI service and just use cellular.

      The model number for the Verizon LTE module is LYRICLTE-V. There had been a Verizon CDMA module available for Lyric but its no longer sold since Verizon no longer activates new service with CDMA devices since June 2018.

  3. Sam P. says:

    Installed the Lyric security system in my vacation home about six months ago and extremely happy. Its a small home so only needed three door sensors but using two motion detectors plus a smoke detector in the living room which is near the two bedrooms. Installation took maybe two hours all together mainly because I moved slowly. I hung the Lyric on the wall just where an older Ademco keypad was mounted. Was able to use the keypad wire that ran back to the now unused Vista panel enclosure and hooked Lyric’s AC transformer to the end of the keypad wiring so I didnt need to fish the power wire at all. I’ve read that Total Connect 2 control could be sluggish over cellular but I’m using WIFI and cellular and TC2 is super fast (very responsive). I did my own programming but had Chris at SafeHomeCentral check everything over just to make sure I did everything correctly. I installed the old Ademco panel myself and wow Honeywell has come a long way with making programming easier with Lyric. Happy Lyric security owner 🙂

    • Tim says:

      Hello Don! Honeywell has not released any SiX series encrypted recessed sensors yet. However since the Lyric controller is backwards compatible with their 5800 series wireless sensors (as well as any 2GIG wireless which use the same format) there are several recessed contacts available. The only downside is the 5800 series (and 2GIG) are not encrypted like the SiX devices but unless you have museum quality artwork in your home you probably won’t be attracting a sophisticated burgler. I still have 5800 series transmitters in my own home.

      The 5800RPS, 5818MNL, 5800MICRA, and DW20R recessed sensors all work with Lyric.

  4. Craig D. says:

    Was back and forth whether to get the DSC iOtega wireless or the Honeywell Lyric wireless but ended up going with Lyric and very satisfied. Setup was pretty quick and I used Tim at SafeHomeCentral to program the panel. I mounted all of the wireless sensors using the two sided tape and Tim activated “learn mode” so all I had to do was one by one open and close the doors and windows. As soon as he saw the sensor appear on his side he asked what I wanted to name the door and whether it need an entry delay of went off instantly if opened when the alarm was set. This process definitely saved me a lot of time and I know its all setup correctly.

    I liked the write-up on the DSC PowerG wireless (works with the iOtega panel) which has a very long range but for the size home I have (3400 ft2) the Honeywell SiX sensors worked fine.

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