Your home is an investment, but more importantly, it should be a safe haven for your family. Crime statistics don’t lie, and home invasions are on the rise. In troubled economic times, homes are more vulnerable to desperate criminals who will resort to drastic measures to make off with your valuables and possibly harm you and your family in the process. There is something you can do to prevent that from happening. You can invest in a professionally installed home security system.

It is a proven fact that homes without a monitored alarm are more likely to be broken into than homes that have one. Why get on the losing end of that statistic. You have worked hard for your home and you and your family deserve to feel safe in it. A system with professional monitoring is a layer of protection for you and your family, as well as your home and its contents.

The latest models are technologically sophisticated and easy to operate. The combination of technology with a live monitor insures that your home is completely covered around the clock, when you are at home and when you are away. The system is a network of motion detectors, sensors for your doors and windows, a high decibel alarm and a control pad which arms the system and allows you to communicate with the monitor in the event of an emergency. The monitor will then dispatch the police to your home to arrest the criminals before they have a chance to get away with any of your valuables or harm any of your family members.

Having a monitored system with smart motion detectors and sensors makes sense, because if there is the slightest breach, the monitor springs into action. They will call your home to see if there is a situation, and if there is they will dispatch the police immediately. If you are not at home, they will automatically call the police because they did not get the password or the alarm was not disarmed from the control pad. So whether your home is compromised while you are home or not, you have constant protection with a monitored home security system.

Having one of these devices can also serve as a deterrent for criminals. Criminals often watch homes in a neighborhood and determine when people will be home and when they will be away. If you have signs stating that your home is protected, chances are the criminals will avoid trying to break into your home and move on to an easier target. This deterrence factor is important when considering making the investment in a monitored alarm.

Investing in a professionally installed system can have some financial benefits as well. Many insurance companies offer lower premiums on homeowner’s insurance for homes with a home security system.

The rationale for getting a system is knowing that your home is constantly protected whether you are at home or not, knowing that having a home security system can deter criminals from even attempting to break into your home, and knowing that help will be on the way when the alarm is triggered.

Source by Bruce Kelly

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