There are many Americans that choose to live a more transitory lifestyle than others. While the majority of people settle down in one place and remain there for the rest of their lives, there is a growing population of people who decide to spend their lives living in many places. One population of people who are accustomed to this lifestyle are called snowbirds. These are retirees who decide to spend the winter months living in the places where they have put down their roots, while taking the summer months to move to a warmer climate. Many spend half the year in their hometown and the other half of the year in places with dryer and milder winters like Florida, the American Southwest, or California. This is just one transient population in the United States that is growing as Baby Boomers age.

Another growing group of migratory Americans are the middle and upper classes who have time shares or vacation homes in other parts of the country. These people often aren’t away as long as snowbirds, but they are still living in other parts of the country for significant periods of time. Both of these populations, snowbirds and vacationers, own properties in different parts of the country or the world and are often concerned with home security. For these people it is impossible for them to be in two or more places at once. When they own more than one piece of property they want to ensure that when they are not there the property is still protected.

Since this particular subset of Americans is so transitory, they are leaving their other properties unoccupied for significant periods of time. This runs a risk by creating an opportunistic situation for a robbery or break in to occur. We’ve all heard home security horror stories of people who left vacation homes unattended to return the next season to find them ransacked, trashed, and even occupied! This, however, does not have to be your nightmare come true.

The best way to protect your home away from home is to install a home security system. Nowadays, there are state of the art systems that protect your home around the clock for as long as you are away. There are home security camera systems as well as home alarm systems that can work as protection and prevention tools for your second home. They are easy to install, affordable and they will save you time, money and worry in the end.

The best thing about having a transitory lifestyle is that home can be in several different places. You can have the ocean and the mountains, the deserts and the lakes, the east coast and the west coast- whatever your heart desires. You are able to have the best of both worlds, at different times of the year. Unlike a vacation rental or a hotel, you can really call both places home. So make sure that whichever home you are leaving behind is protected as best can be. That is the only way to ensure that your home away from home stays yours, undamaged and untouched.

Source by Levi Mortenson

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