Security and surveillance systems have taken massive steps by enhancing the new computer based technologies. We now have powerful surveillance that is easy to manage at an affordable price. There are many aspects of home security systems and surveillance that are shared with business security or commercial property surveillance. A home security system is usually a deterrent to would be intruders and a means of assisting police should a burglary take place. In some areas an insurance company may insist on some form of electronic surveillance and electronic alarm system. In a business environment the electronic security system will go beyond the simple goals of a domestic security system. Casino security, is for example, very different from bank security or the security provided to users on the rail networks. Each industry has some unique requirements which must be met.

In its simplest form a security system relays the images caught on camera from one location and displays the image on a display device in a second location. This is where the original acronym CCTV (closed circuit television) originated. Many folk still refer to modern security systems as CCTV systems and who am I to argue. In truth however, the modern systems are computer driven with CCTV security camera surveillance equipment attached to a wired or wireless computer network. The computer technology could be packaged into a standalone DVR with 1 or more cameras attached. An entry level system would therefore comprise of a single channel DVR with a single security camera attached with a supplied cable. A simple variation of this system would be the DVR security recorder attached to a network camera using standard computer (Ethernet) category-5 cabling. Moving forward and you can select a multi-channel DVR which allow multiple cameras to be attached. An alternative at each stage is to utilise a PC or computer system with a single channel or multi-channel card installed. The range of Geovision data capture cards are each a multi-channel video surveillance card installed into a PC allowing different numbers of connected channels. The greater the number of channels then the greater the number of frames or images that need to be recorded and the processing power on board needs to be increased.

The open platform IP video surveillance management software from Milestone Systems can be used from the box or integrated into a unique solution. The open platform means this software can be used with almost any security or surveillance device. The Milestone XProtect software can be packaged with most hardware platforms and security cameras including megapixel cameras supporting full pan tilt and zoom management (PTZ).

The type of security camera used will depend very much on your own specific requirements. The bread and butter of the surveillance industry has for many years been the black and white or b/w surveillance camera but times are changing and colour (English spelling) is becoming a much more popular choice as the price differences converge. In addition to the colour and b/w models we also have available infrared day and night cameras capable of recording an image in almost total darkness. The infrared security camera is an ideal where lighting is poor. The area of vision seen by the camera is another choice to consider. There are cameras with wide angled lenses and then there is the dome security camera providing 360 degree all round vision which is ideal for a large reception area for example. The type of housing is yet another consideration âEUR” will the camera be required for internal or external use, should you need a vandal proof dome security camera or maybe a bullet camera for targeted surveillance. You may wish a camera to be a highly visible surveillance camera (sometime a dummy camera may suffice) or maybe you require a hidden surveillance camera. Other choices include the PTZ or pan, tilt and zoom enabled cameras or a sophisticated megapixel security camera.

Whatever your decision making process there are many CCTV camera systems and CCTV accessories for you to consider.

Source by Peter H Williams

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