Light control systems are a lot more than a dimmer switch on a dining room wall. They also do a lot more for a household than set the mood for a romantic dinner. Light control systems are used by homeowners and commercial users to keep lighting costs regulated. They're also fantastic for convenience. Did you know that you can rig your house so you can turn off all of you¡¯re appliances and your bedroom light at the same time? Yes, you can do this from your bed too! This is why light control systems are so popular in the modern household.

In the Home

Light control systems are great for home use, especially if you often find yourself thinking, "Hmm, did I turn off the coffee pot?"

You can tie all of the outlets and light switches in your home to a light control system. Basically once the house is outlined in the control system, you can use one control panel to turn all lights and outlets on and off. So, if you're worried about the coffee pot, add its outlet to the button you power off before you leave the house.

Using light control systems, you can apply this same concept when you go away for the weekend. Lots of people feel obliged to leave a light on when they leave town. However, they either worry the light's constant shine will draw attention to the fact that no one's home or the light itself will start some sort of fire. You can rid yourself of these worries by using a light control system. With this system you can program certain lights to go on at a designated time. You can also program them to dim at a certain time. This will help give the illusion that someone is in fact in the house.

You can also use your light control system to keep burglars out. You can program your outside lights to go on as soon as someone steps within a certain area of ​​the house. Lots of security companies use light control systems to help keep their clients safe.

In the Office

Light control systems are also great for an office. Employees tend to leave the office at different times. Some remember to turn off their lights, some do not. You can use a light control system to make sure all the lights go off when the last person leaves. Light control systems can also be used as safety systems at an office just like they're used in a home.

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