Mobile phones have become so popular in the last two decades or so that close to 40% of all landline phone owners have dumped their phones and are using their mobile phones even while they are at home. It cannot be disputed that if these people had continued with their landline phones, they would have had to pay the bills for both the landline as well as their other phone. It cannot also be denied that it is entirely an individual’s own decision whether to have a landline phone or not. But, all said and done, I am of the firm opinion that home phones are better than cell phones in many respects. I would like you to consider the following factors on which landline phones score over mobile phones. The 8 are:

1. Distress or Help call to 911 – A call to 911 from a landline gives your exact location even if you are calling from an apartment block. So, help arrives immediately. This may be particularly useful when the caller is a child, baby sitter or an elderly person as all these people may not be able to give complete details instantaneously in a distress situation. It may not be a very likable experience if you want to call 911 and are not able to find your mobile phone or its battery is too low.

2. Voice clarity – You get absolutely crisp and clear voice on a landline phone.

3. No problem of Radiation – There are no radiation problems associated with landline phones.

4. No problem of a ‘weak signal’ – With a home phone, there are no issues like no signal or weak signal.

5. Sturdiness – A landline is quite sturdy and not very slim and delicate like most mobile phones.

6. Easy to maintain – These types of phones are easier to maintain as compared to mobile phones.

7. Comfort and convenience – The comfort and convenience of a home phone while receiving and making calls is way ahead of a mobile phone.

8. Choice of home security companies – Many home security systems are designed to work only with landlines. The burglar and fire alarms are hardwired into the landline phone to automatically alert the authorities.

Why not take a considered view after considering the many lucrative bundled pricing offers and incentives being offered by your landline company just to retain you as a customer?

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Source by Marc-Eddy Drouinaud Jr

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