The security requirements of each house is different. You have to choose a package that provides complete protection for your house. We have carefully crafted three packages for you. Look at it and select the best one for your own house.

The tips in this article will help you to select the right package, but you have to study the selection factors carefully for correct choice. The selection factors are: (1) Architecture and size of your house (2) neighbor hood – busy or lonely area (3) location from the nearest police station, fire tenders and your office (4) your budget.

Complete protection to your house is possible only when you install portable battery operated Wireless Home Security Systems which are less complicated and do not require time consuming and inconvenient wiring operations.

We will examine three packages and analyze the factors of acceptance of these packages for home security system.

(A) The Basic Package – It is comprised of – loudspeaker to make siren-like sound, keypad for access control to open or close the doors, Door and window contacts to sound an alarm whenever these are used, Interior Motion Detectors to keep track of movements inside home, Control panel – which is the brain of any wireless home security system.

All these important basic parts are connected together to spot intruders any time. This basic system will not only keep the intruders away, but alert you through Siren, Mobile Messaging and even a mail message to PC.

(B) The Basic Plus Package – If Motion-Sensing lights, driveway / surroundings alarms, Car Alarms are added to the Basic Package, it will frighten thieves from breaking into your car or home when you are at home or when you are at work. This Plus Package is necessary for Bungalow pattern houses located in a less populated area.

(C) The Classic Package – If Wireless Security Cameras, Hidden Cameras, Door video phones and Auto Dialer Package is added to the Basic Plus, it will be a complete and fool-proof Home Security System. The Auto Dialer is an unique passive infrared system that monitors motion in an area you select. This unit is automatic and along with the motion detector watches the protected area. Once movement is detected, a loud security alarm will sound and the Auto Dialer will call 4-10 (as programmed) preset telephone numbers selected by you. This package is costlier than the other two and not essential.

We have the three packages in front of us. If you have some excess money to spend, you may think of fancy security systems with Fingerprint access control, Video recording systems etc. But you are not protecting a Bank, you are securing your own House only.

The Basic system is able to protect your house fully. This system is affordable to any moderate apartment or individual house owners. Very good quality packages are easily available through net. This system can be installed quickly and almost maintenance free.

Let’s hope that the readers will be ready for the Basic Package or even the Basic Plus Package after reading this article.

If you want to know more about the engineering and technical details about this subject, contact the author. Thank you for reading this article.

Source by Subodh Sarkar

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