The security industry is booming and the demand for home security surveillance systems is on the up. No matter where you live these days, you are not exempt from the affects of crime.  Burglaries are more common place and it is reported that in the next twenty years over seventy five percent of the United States Population will have been a target of burglary.  The problem is compounded by the fact that during difficult times, the crime rates always increase as more and more people turn to crime in order to satisfy their basic needs.

If you have your own home or have a desire to safeguard yourself and your family as well as your possessions, then you may have thought of acquiring a home security surveillance system and the most requested of these is a video surveillance system, but until recently these systems have been extremely costly.  With the advances in mobile phone technology and the abundance of home computer systems, a video surveillance system can now be set up in your home with little or no charge if you happen to own a mobile phone and computer system.  The diy home security surveillance systems are extremely cheap to set up.

Now you have the opportunity to set up a system that could monitor your home both externally and internally.  In addition, these systems often provide multi-location monitoring, which means that you do not have to have numerous systems running at the same time if you want to monitor different locations.  All of this can be monitored from your personal mobile phone. 

The advantages of having peace of mind and knowing that your home and family are been monitored at all times, is a great incentive to use this latest technology, particularly when it will cost to very little if anything at all compared to the price of a manufactured system which could set you back in the region of two hundred and fifty dollars.  A diy home security surveillance system just makes sense in these economic times.

Source by Tristan Levy

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