When considering all the options for securing your home from a burglar, the top ideas that come to mind are usually to purchase a firearm, get a dog or install a security system. While each offers a certain level of protection and rest assurance, only one can almost entirely ensure that if your home is invaded, the police will be notified and quick to respond. Each approach obviously have its advantages and disadvantages and you as the home owner must weigh each by yourself – so here are some of the pro’s and con’s of each option to get you started.

A gun can give you a sense of security because you feel like you can protect your home and loved ones. The pro’s are that guns are quite effective in stopping robbers in two ways – you can yell to the intruder that you’re armed and not afraid to use the weapon, or you can shoot them and put yourself and your family at risk of a fire fight in your living room. Obviously the former is something you’d have to deal with for lifetime if you killed the intruder. And even if you think you’re the callous type, you have to way to accurately measure how adversely a traumatic event like that could affect you or your family Also, stray bullets have a tendency to find innocent victims. The biggest disadvantage to relying solely on a weapon is that you have to be home and awake to utilize it.

A dog can be great to alert you if someone enters your home because they will naturally bark or whimper if someone that they’ve never seen before is perusing your home. The step up from this would be an actual guard dog – German Shepherds, Rottweilers or pit bulls are great options, but not all are compatible with small children, especially the last two. They can be unpredictable animals that can maim and even kill children, no matter how well-trained or harmless you believe them to be. Another disadvantage to relying on a dog is that they are living creatures that can be killed, drugged or subdued by giving it food/treats.

The last and objectively best option would be to install a home security system. Companies like Brinks and ADT can offer professional protection 24/7. The options your system includes can be tailored to your budget – anything from basic response to full perimeter surveillance by security camera can be purchased for a monthly fee. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, a home with an alarm system is 15 percent less likely to be robbed than a home without a system. The only downside to a home alarm system is false alarms. Multiple false alarms could potentially result in a fine by the city for summoning the police unnecessarily or even cancellation of services.

Each option offers different levels of protection and feelings of security, but the only one statistically proven by the federal government to deter intruders is a home alarm system.

Source by Steve Dowell

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