Home burglaries are estimated at 40% no force entries by police, which means the person that robed these homes got in through an open window or unlocked door. In some cases it is possible they found the door key that was hidden outside of the home. Protect your family with a home security system, don’t leave windows open and doors unlocked, even if running to the corner mini-market. It doesn’t take long for the person that is going to enter an unprotected home long to take what they want and along with it the families piece of mind.

Once a home has been broken into the family will never have that safe feeling again, instead they will always wonder if this person is going to come back and maybe when they do the family will be at home. This is frightening for children and the adults, as well, because a stranger has come into the house and gone through possessions and taken what they wanted. That forty percent of burglaries that are non-forced entry could be avoided with just a few simple precautions, like locking up, having a home security system that would sound an alarm if the house is entered and send an alert to the monitoring center.

Excuses like living in the suburbs or a rural area isn’t good enough these days, burglars go to those areas knowing that most people living there don’t think their home will ever be burglarized. This means they don’t protect the home as securely as people that live in more populated areas. Crime is everywhere and living in the suburbs or a rural area is not enough protection from a home break-in. The percentage that is estimated at 40% is not only homes that are in the city, which means the family that has the advantage of living outside of the city is not safe from break-ins.

Having a home security system is piece of mine, because burglars do not want to be caught and arrested and they know when they see the sign in the yard it is trouble. The window decals when displayed will even make them more confident this is not a residence that is safe to break into. That means they will pass the protected house by and the family can keep the secure feeling they have when they are home, as well as their possessions. The beauty of a home security system is that it fits any home, whether it is an older home where wiring in the walls is not possible or an apartment then the wireless alarm system is perfect and if home is a newer house then the wired alarm system will be great protection for the house and family. Installing a home security system and using it, can keep any family no matter where they live from being one of the estimated 40% of homes that are robbed by non-forced entry and that means the family and house are safe from burglars.

Source by Bill Ray

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