Homeowners today are frequently choosing to purchase the components and use their own skills and know-how to install DIY home security systems for the safety and protection of their families and homes. Some of the more effective and least expensive choices of available to them are of crime deterrent equipment. Security cameras, for example, are some of the most successful home security systems for deterring crime.

Security Cameras

Some of the most economic security camera options available for DIY home owners are fake security cameras. They are inexpensive yet can make all the difference between your house being targeted by criminals or having the law breakers choose to break into a less protected neighboring home. These fake cameras look surprisingly real, so much so that they can fool experts as well. Some of the models are simply a shell of a real camera with no components inside.

Security cameras deter crime by their presence. They are meant to be seen by potential criminals and are mounted in places where their presence is obvious. No thief wants to leave his or her photograph behind for easy identification and capture. Some of the fake cameras are so realistic that they include blinking red lights that seem to indicate they are filming. Some include motion detectors that trigger them to start swiveling towards someone when they approach.

These models are easy to install and can even be added to a real security camera system to make it look like more area of ​​the property is covered than actually is by the system. Including a sign on the property to indicate you have a security surveillance system in place as well as mounting the cameras is also extremely effective, for professional thieves skip over homes that know have security systems for easier marks.

Indoor and Outdoor Camera Coverage

When installing the real deal, there are key locations you want to cover in the case of an actual break-in. Outside, the front and back doors are first. Over the garage or at other doors that are points of entry should be considered as well. For outdoor cameras, look for those with an effective range for the area you plan to cover and make sure the unit is weatherproof. Being equipped with LEDs for use as night vision is important also. Consider a modern wireless system that can record directly to your DVR.

There are a wide variety of models for indoor surveillance. They are smaller and more unobtrusive, like webcams. Place them where they have an unobstructed view of the room to be covered. These serve several purposes. You can record a break-in, use them as nanny cams, and even keep an eye on your pets when away from home.

Cameras with a motion detector setting are popular because they do not record until the sensor is triggered and there is something to record. Some cameras record onto an SD card and others directly to your DVR. Some store the footage in the cloud for later retrieval.

The best DIY home security system reviews can point you to the most appropriate security camera models for your needs. Buying all the components in a set is less expensive. Installation is quick and easy but the peace of mind you gain from protecting your family is priceless.

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