For protecting your family and valuables, no matter if you are inside your home or away from it, a security camera system is a must. The market is flooded with affordable security cameras and systems, so it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to install one (security system) in your abode!

The ultra modern surveillance camera systems are bundled with wireless surveillance cams, which further reduce the overall cost by eliminating lengthy cables, multiple add-ons, monthly maintenance charges and hefty installation costs.

However, you still need to be a little careful when it comes to installing video monitoring equipment for security surveillance. There is enough scope to mess it all up and that’s primarily because of plug-and-play nature of wireless surveillance equipment.

Below we are listing the most common mistakes while installing wireless video monitoring devices that can make it totally worthless. So read through and avoid these common mistakes!

  • More Areas, Lesser Cameras!

As mentioned before, there are ‘n’ number of economical options for security cameras. So, you can afford to buy more than just one. For instance, some consumers might think that a single PTZ camera would be enough to cover all the angles. Pan tilt zoom cameras surely provide wide views, but it will, of course, cannot see in all four directions at a time. When your PTZ camera senses motion and turns to monitor that area, the burglar might have already completed his act. It becomes imperative to cover all the areas of your home with enough video monitoring devices.

  • Wrong Camera Angles!

When contemplating on the right angles of your surveillance cams, pay heed to major placement factors. First, point your video monitoring devices at the right level. Pointing your cameras too high or too low will not be of any use for surveillance monitoring. Next, take care of the lighting. Too much lighting will wash out the images and low lighting will not provide reliable images. Last but not the least is the problem with wi-fi signal strength. Don’t put up your cams in remote locations where the wi-fi signal strength is not so strong. Weak wi-fi signals will only result in choppy video streams and poor connection issues. If you can’t change the area, then consider using a network enhancer.

  • Lack of Remote Accessibility!

Remote accessibility is the need of the hour! The sneak peeks of your property while you are away will provide you with the much-needed peace of mind that everything is okay! With remote access, you can control your cameras and view the live feed on a mobile device like a laptop or a Smartphone with the help of internet. While buying and installing a wireless system, test if your mobile devices are supported for remote viewing and you can really control the cameras from afar! Some cameras work for Androids, some for iOS and some for both. Always read between the lines.

Hope this post guided you on avoiding mistakes while installing wireless security systems.

Just stay safe!

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