Home is the most important and valuable possession of a person and car comes second only to it. Therefore car security is as important for a person as his or her home security. Without such security systems neither the valuables in the car nor the car itself would be safe.

Why Car Security Is Important

Car security is important because-

• Thieves and burglars are always on the lookout for less alert owners to rob them of their valuables in the car or worse; even the car.

• Keeping the car unlocked and unsecured even for a moment could be disastrous as experienced burglars and thieves take only seconds to complete the stealing process.

• A security system installed in the car is great protection against such unwarranted losses incurred.

Car Security System Types

Broadly speaking two types of car securities are there. These are –

• Mechanical security systems like steering locks, gear locks and such others. Such systems are easily visible to the thieves and burglars and can be great safety as they may not dare to touch the car.

• Electronic security like car lock alarm, steering wheel alarm, remote controlled like immobilizers, and motion sensors etc. Alarms go off any time intruder tries to break open the car or any part of it.

Higher and Lower Level Security Systems

Higher level security often contain multiple frequencies. They also usually have anti-scanning and it becomes impossible even for the seasoned thieves to steal such fortified cars. However, these systems are expensive. Instead, one can opt for the less expensive systems that have immobilizer facilities in them. An immobilized car is the last one the burglar will try to steal. In lower level securities are alarms that go off when the car is intruded.

Factors for Consideration in Buying Security

• Security systems without warranty should not be purchased.

• Installation is very important and it is always good obtaining the services of professional installer.

• While no car can be rendered 100% secured, installation of security systems can make it much more difficult to be stolen.

• Security devices that take more time to break are the preferred ones since they also enhance the chances of the thieves being caught due to longer time span required for stealing.

Combination of mechanical and electronic security system is the best option for anyone who wishes to make his or her car most secure.

Source by Dharmendar Kumar

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