If you really take the time to sit down and think about your home security measures, chances are you will realize that there are many access points. Those weak points put you, your family and your possessions at risk.

An integrated security system is a system designed to slow any potential threat down enough to give you time to contact your security company or the police. Like any security system, they are not infallible, and can be beaten, but they will buy you time in the event of a break in!

Here are the key elements of a good integrated home security system:

Home Security Sensors – Perimeter

Installing some kind of security on the perimeter of your property can mean valuable minutes added to your reaction time in the event of a break in.

Traditional perimeter security, such as electric fencing is certainly effective, but can affect the aesthetics of your property. New infrared home security sensors can be installed outside your house, unobtrusively, and linked to your alarm system. That way, your alarm triggers before anyone even accesses your house!

Home Security Window Protection

A physical barrier to entry, specifically on lower level windows in a multi story house is always a good idea. They act as a deterrent and a very effective barrier to entry. Newer types of burglar proofing are also more attractive, and can be installed with minimal impact on aesthetics.

Home Security Door Protection

Make sure that all of your external doors have locks that work, as well as deadbolts. Peepholes and security chains on front doors are always a good idea, and it may be worthwhile to consider adding a security gate to entryways.

These gates can be either conventional swing type gates, or new concertina type, that fold away to be virtually undetectable. Gates fitted with "slam" locks are a good idea too, as it means no fumbling with keys when you need to close them in a hurry!

Home Security Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms, linked to an armed response service, which monitors home security remotely, are a great idea. Combined with indoor sensors, and magnetic switches on windows and doors, they can ensure that any intruder is caught before they can do any serious damage!

Make sure to choose a burglar alarm that communicates with your armed response service via radio though – that way, cut telephone lines will not affect its operation.


Creating an integrated system means linking all of the electronic monitoring equipment you have to your alarm system. Electric fencing, infrared sensors and other security accessories can all be linked to your home security burglar alarm. This means that any break of that security will alert your armed response company, and reduce their response time, keeping you safer.

Remember that a home security system is an investment in your family's safety, plus, many insurance companies offer reduced premiums to homeowners with better security, so make sure your system is the best you can afford!

Source by Jeffrey Parker

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