Video Security Cameras – 5 Reasons to Install them in your home or business

With the world as it is today, individuals and business owners need to take all the necessary steps they can to protect themselves, their family and their investments. While many people and businesses choose to install a burglar alarm security system, which is a very good idea, adding video security cameras add to your safety, security and peace of mind. Security cameras record all activity that takes place in and around the premises. Video security cameras are not only designed for outdoor use, but are also commonly used indoors.

With advancements in technology come decreased costs. This is particularly true with video security equipment. What was once considered unaffordable and only for the ‘big guys’, video security is being installed in small businesses and residences across the country. So, why should you consider installing video surveillance cameras? Here are five reasons:

1.) Video surveillance cameras provide constant monitoring of your home or business. In addition, regardless of where you are, as long as you have Internet access, you can remotely access your system to see what is happening at that moment. You can also review prior recordings to see what happened while you were away. Your security cameras can be your eyes, even when you aren’t there in person. Adding microphones to your system, your video security system can also be your ears while you’re away.

2.) Many homeowners want a video camera installed at their front door so they can see who is at the door without opening the door. With crime and home invasion a real threat and frequent occurrence, this is a very wise precaution.

3.) Parents are installing video surveillance cameras to stay in touch with what is happening at their home and to check in on their children while they are at work or away. With the addition of microphones, parents cannot only see their children, but can hear them as well. This is especially comforting to parents that leave their children with a nanny or babysitter because they can hear exactly how the caregiver is interacting with their children.

4.) If an crime does occur, the use of video surveillance cameras can provide valuable evidence to authorities and help identify and convict the perpetrator. This is a valuable benefit for both homeowners and business owners.

5.) Businesses utilize video surveillance cameras to help cut down on employee theft (yes, this does happen, even in your business), shoplifting, fraudulent liability claims, like staged ‘slip and fall’ accidents, customer interaction and many other situations. Adding microphones greatly enhances customer service and provides valuable information in many customer complaint situations.

These are five reason businesses and residents are installing video security camera systems. They are many other reasons and applications to consider installing this additional level of security.

Source by David W Murphy

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