Choosing A Cellular Communicator For Your Alarm System

We carry a wide range of cellular communicators for practically every hardwired or wireless security system on the market today, even alarms no longer sold.  The recommendations below are generally made by the same manufacturer of the alarm system but in some cases are universal cellular communicators that can be used on any system brand.  There may be several communicators options available for a specific brand and model security system but we recommend purchasing the latest model available which means a 4G/LTE version if possible.  In some cases there may be different carrier network versions available as well (Verizon or AT&T) in which case just choose the carrier version that works best in your home.  If your AT&T cell phone has a decent signal standing next to your alarm panel then go with an AT&T model.  If Verizon then ditto.

Recommendations By Panel Brand and Model


Vista-10P, Vista-15P, Vista-20P, Vista-21IP (cellular only)

LTE-XA (AT&T) or LTE-XV (Verizon)

Vista-21IP (using redundant IP Internet)


Older Ademco or non-current Honeywell panels