Alula Connect+ Wireless Home Security System

Alula Connect+ Wireless Home Security System

(formally Resolution Helix)

Connect+  Connected To Life, Not The Wall

Connect+, the first and only wireless platform designed to provide control and automation from user phones and tablets. Removing the panel touchscreen provides flexible installation options and reduces the user learning curve. No unfamiliar user interface – Just instant control and convenience from the devices you already love!

Build Your Perfect Wireless Home Security and Automation System

Begin with one of our Connect+ Starter Kits which includes the main panel, wireless door/window sensors and a motion detector then expand your system with any of our great add-ons that are fully compatible with Connect+ home security.  Some of the kits also include a wireless keypad but remember Connect+ was designed with smartphone control from the beginning!  These kits use the basic Connet+ panel (no WiFi or cellular cards) which works with an Ethernet connection right out of the box.  See our review of the Alula Connect+ Wireless DIY Home Security and Automation System here.


Meet the Helix Family

 Next Generation Technology

Resolution Helix Wireless Home Security Alarm System - Next Generation Technology

Interactive Security

Arm and Disarm with zone bypass. View real-time system and zone status. View history, receive notifications and alerts. TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

Home Control

Complete instant-response control and status of thermostats, lights, locks, garage doors, appliances and other devices.

Video Monitoring

Continuous recording with event and motion recordings backed up to the cloud. View live footage from multiple cameras at once.

DIY Add-ons

Additional home control devices and cameras that you can easily self-install via the SmartLink app.

Built-in Automation

Build Scenes with “if this, then do that” style control. Set doors to lock on arming, or lights to turn on when motion is detected.  TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

Set Notifications

Full self-access to manage email, text and push notifications for alarm and other system events.

Resolution Helix Wireless Home Security Alarm System - Panel
Helix Controller

Connect+ by Alula (formerly Resolution Helix) is the first professional security panel designed from the start to deliver interactive security and home automation services from the mobile devices you and your family have already selected. The Connect+ architecture knocks down costly hurdles DIYers face when installing a security system. Unlike a hybrid panel, you don’t need to pull wires for peripheral devices or other sensors. Connect+ also eliminates the need to compete for entrance wall space near a power outlet, a challenge for existing self-contained security offerings. Connect+ can be installed in an office, entertainment center or even a closet. This reduces installation costs, while providing the benefits of locating the panel in a discrete, secure location. Every Connect+ system comes standard with a secured and supervised Ethernet connection enabling central station reporting and interactive controls using your broadband if desired. Optional Wifi IP Internet, 4G/LTE expansion cards are available providing primary or back up communication channels for both Central Station reporting and interactive services.

  • Simple, no-tools installation reduces costs while maximizing performance
  • Totally wireless peripherals (one and two-way) enable discrete, secure and repeatable installations
  • Direct Bluetooth® local control or cloud-based remote control from the same app provides unmatched system response times for the users
  • 1500 foot open-air range for all Resolution sensors ensures large-home coverage without repeaters
  • Encrypted sensors ensure secure communications

Smartphone control is high in consumer demand, increasing value and satisfaction of customers. Helix delivers performance, innovation, and flexibility! Connect+ includes a crystal-based, 433 MHz security sensor receiver, RJ-45 Ethernet port, Bluetooth® LE Transceiver, and three option board expansion ports standard. This enables factory or field integrated Wifi, Z-Wave, 4G/LTE radio modules to be added with fully integrated antennas for each radio. The system is designed for easy installation near the home’s router or entertainment center, but can also be wall mounted in a closet or utility room if desired. Connect+ is designed to maximize value and minimize cost.

Connect+ Expansion Cards

Creating the ideal system for your home security and automation needs is a breeze with Connect+.  The system was designed to provide all the flexibility required for various connectivity options – and all tool-free.  The control comes with IP Internet Ethernet (wired) capability out of the box but you can add WiFi when an Ethernet connection is not ideal for your chosen Connect+ control location.  When increased communication reliability is desired Helix has two options – 3G GSM (AT&T) and 4G/LTE (Verizon) cellular.  These cards allow dual path operation meaning you can set one communication path as primary (example broadband) and use the other as backup (example cellular). Adding a Z-Wave expansion card provides full home automation capability to your Connect+ system.  Control lights, door locks, thermostats – anything Z-Wave compatible with Connect+.  If you are upgrading an older alarm system then options for existing wired and wireless zones to work with Connect+ (rather than replacing working hardware) is a possibility.  Just add a translator card or module and give those older devices new life with remote access.




Provides alarm reporting and interactive services over ATT GSM networks as either primary or back-up communication paths.

Alula RP-RE929RPV Verizon LTE Cellular Communicator for Connect+ Wireless Security Systems



Provides alarm reporting and interactive services over Verizon as either primary or back-up communication paths.




Provides connection to your local WiFi network when wired Internet access is not readily available in the location you are mounting the Helix control.

RE934Z-300a Zwave



The Z-Wave expansion card provides communication with many widely available thermostats, lights, door locks, and appliances enabling a broad range of home automation features and convenient and sustainable living that appeals to today’s consumers.

RE934T-300 Translator



This Wireless to Wireless Translator expansion card solves compatibility issues with existing security sensors (example Honeywell/Ademco) and fulfills the consumer’s desire for home automation services.  Reduce costs by not having to replace the customer’s original sensors while expanding protection with Helix devices and remote access capability.

RE934ZT-300 Translator Combo



The Z-Wave Translator Combination expansion card solves compatibility issues with existing sensors and fulfills the consumer’s desire for today’s home automation services. Get both Z-Wave and translator capability on a single card! 

Resolution Helix Wireless Home Security Alarm System - Communication Options

Helix has three (3) expansion slots used to configure the unit exactly to your home security and automation requirements.  Slots 1 and 2 are used for cellular and WiFi cards while Slot 3 is used for automation (Z-Wave) and/or RF wireless translators used for upgrading existing alarm systems.  Adding expansion cards is a tool-free effort and only needed as required to meet your family’s needs.  Remember Helix comes with Ethernet broadband capability out of the box and can always be used as a primary or secondary (backup) communication path.

Wireless Intrusion Protection




Transmit power at the full FCC limits maximizing sensor range.  Features include support for an external contact and an internal reed switch with a 1″ magnet gap.  Cover tamper and 6+ year battery life. 




This standard door/window senses things that open or separate utilizing an internal reed switch and magnet or through two external contacts.  The external contacts report on unique zones.  Battery life using a CR123A battery is an astounding 10-15 years! 

Helix Motion Detector



Wireless PIR-PET Immune motion detector.  Pyroflex IR sensor and HighBar signal processing for superior performance.  Pet-immunity for a 60 pound animal or two with a combined weight of 85 pounds.  This detector provides a coverage range of 44 ft. with a 90 degree field of view (45 degrees to each side).  6-8 year battery life.  

Home Security Alarm System Glassbreak Detectors



This wireless Glassbreak detector reliably identifies the sound of breaking glass when mounted 4-25 feet from the source.  Delivering 4-6 year battery life and support of an external contact that reports as a unique zone this device is a cost effective way to extend large area coverage of a home or business.

RE606-300 Tilt



Triggers at approximately a 30 degree tilt.  Monitors any lifting or tilting door or equipment movement.  Mount vertically in non-alarm position.  Strong reliable RF signal.  10-15 year battery life on a CR123A battery. 

Wireless Life Safety

RE612-300 Smoke-Heat



The RE612 Smoke Detector is a highly reliable smoke detector with a photoelectric detection element and built-in temporal 3 sounder. Delivering 3-5 years of battery life, a long range encrypted transmitter and a detection element that is UL217 certified, this is an essential addition to the Helix Security and life-safety offering.

RE613-300 CO Detector



The RE613 is a carbon monoxide detector delivering 70-400ppm detection meeting UL2034 specifications. With 3-5 year battery-life, a long range encrypted sensor and built-in temporal 3 sounder, the RE613 provides maximum performance protecting your family.

Wireless Panics

RE603-300 PanicButton



Portable device for emergency initiation. Single, red button with comfortable feel.F ully sealed, water resistant housing. Strong, reliable RF signal. “Heartbeat” LED blinks every minute to assure user. Comes with comfortable, elastic band AND neck pendant. 4-6 year battery life.

RE651-300 Panic



Hidden mounting. 1-button arming and disarming. Large, easy-to differentiate buttons. Mounts in hidden locations via VHB® tape, or screws. Strong, reliable RF signal. 4-6 year battery life on CR2032 battery.

Wireless Environmental Sensors

RE606-300 Tilt



Provides reliable detection of extreme high (over 100 degree) or low temperature (under 40 degree) conditions. This can be configured to report only the low temp, or both conditions as independent zones. 8-10 year battery life.

Home Security Alarm System Temperature and Flood Environmental Sensors



Tri-Mode Environmental sensing providing detection of water, extreme high temperature, and extreme low temperature conditions. Reports on 3 unique zones; one for each function. Cover tamper. Strong, reliable RF signal. 8-10 year battery life on CR123A battery.

Wireless Keypads and Peripherals




The HeliPAD provides a Bluetooth Smart RF connection between the keypad and the Helix panel ensuring full status reporting on an e-ink display. An innovative capacitive touch screen ensures a clean and modern appearance. Provides 2 4 years of battery life using user replaceable AAA.

Alula RE652-300 PinPad



PinPad provides single button arming, a two-button panic, and full user code based disarming functionality on Helix. Small, yet comfortable keypad that mounts on the wall via VHB tap or screws. It is also lightweight for purse or car visor use if desired. 4-6 years battery life.

HeliTouch Graphical Keypad For Helix (White)



HeliTouch is a 7″ wireless, full status security tablet delivering a graphical user interface that is simple, intuitive and easy for anyone to use. The intrusion and fire alarm buttons remain available for constant access. HeliTouch connects directly to Helix via a dedicated, encrypted Wi-Fi network. It can be mounted on the wall over existing blemishes left by previous panels and powered on either side of a stud. HeliTouch can also be placed on a tabletop using it’s ergonomically designed, non-slip feet.

Helitouch graphical keypad for Helix (Black)



HeliTouch is a 7″ wireless, full status security tablet delivering a graphical user interface that is simple, intuitive and easy for anyone to use. The intrusion and fire alarm buttons remain available for constant access. HeliTouch connects directly to Helix via a dedicated, encrypted Wi-Fi network. It can be mounted on the wall over existing blemishes left by previous panels and powered on either side of a stud. HeliTouch can also be placed on a tabletop using it’s ergonomically designed, non-slip feet.

RE616-300 Siren



Works with any panel with siren terminals. Helix has a built in CryptiX transmitter to support multiple additional sirens on each system. Automatically follows panel beep volume. Wall-powered, with backup power on CR123A battery.

RE600-300 Keyfob



Tactile button click and LED blink for feedback. Recessed buttons for reduced “pocket false alarms”. Full pivoting built-in key ring tangle-free storage. Strong, reliable RF signal. 4-6 year battery life, on A27 battery. 2.5 x 1.3 x 0.55 inches.