While Americans enjoy longer lives than they ever did, it also means that America’s elderly community is seeing new problems. Because of recent medical advances, more and more people can live into their ‘golden years’, but the quality as a whole for those American seniors has not improved as much as many have hoped.

One in three American seniors is going to fall in the next year according to the CDC. The number of falls has been growing, as well as the likelihood that a senior will fall in a year. Seniors who fall often get up and carry on, but many will lose their independence. Of those who fall, about one in ten will need to go to an Emergency room. That means that roughly two million American seniors each year will visit the ER after falling. Roughly speaking there will be nine hundred thousand fractures in that group, and thirteen thousand deaths. These deaths and injuries are preventable, and medical alarms will help to preserve life.

Medical Alarm Systems help seniors during an emergency. Seniors wear a small radio emitting pendant around the neck. During an emergency, the senior presses the button and a monitoring station will respond to the call within one minute. If the senior has fallen, paramedics can be sent or friends and neighbors. Yet medical alarms do not work just for falls. They can be activated if there is a heart attack, fainting, a stroke, or even small things. For every emergency, a medical alarm operator will talk to the senior and figure out what is wrong and if help needs to be dispatched. Many medical alarms even have thermometers to watch over the seniors in case of extreme heat or cold. The medical alarm system will protect a senior day and night, and the pendant can go anywhere. The waterproof medical pendant is worn in the bathtub and shower, because that is where the majority of falls occur.

Medical alarms are not just for safety, they are for peace of mind. Seniors will know that if there is an emergency that they will get help. Children will know that there parents are safe at their home alone. When emergencies do occur, the family of the senior will be notified. Because of the peace of mind that a medical alarm gives and because of the risks, every senior should have a medical alarm. Certainly no one knows when an emergency will strike, but it is or job to prepare for them. Safety is worth much more than the monthly cost of a medical alarm. Help a senior get one today!

Source by Howard L Feldman

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