One of the most important home improvements any homeowner can make is the home security system. This is an improvement that will pay for its own the first time a burglar looks at the house and decides it is not for them. The alarm system is not just a noise through the house to scare the burglar, because it also contacts the monitoring center. The trained agents then contact the local police that are dispatched to the residence. The alarm system will have window and decals, plus a sign for the yard, which tells any burglars checking out the house to forget it. The person that burglarizes a residence checks out the house they are going to break into for alarm systems, places to hide while breaking into a window or door. When they see evidence of the home security system they keep looking for a residence that is not protected.

This improvement will also provide protection for the family from smoke and fire, by sounding an alarm. This alarm when trigger then goes to the monitoring center, which is where the fire authorities will be called. This gets the fire department to the residence sooner and that can mean less damage to the structure. Even when no one is at home it can still mean less damage to the house, because the fire department call does not depend on a neighbor seeing the smoke or fire. It has also been proved that more family pets are saved when there is a home security system when a fire breaks out and the family is not home to get them out safely. This is due to the fast response time.

While most people know the things that are offered in the home security system there are some new features with the advancement of technology. One of these is a video view, which is cameras that can be placed indoors or outdoors and then seen on a cell phone, laptop or PDA. The cameras can also be seen on any television in the house that is connected and it is a perfect way to monitor the residence when away on business or vacation. When an event trips the alarm it is possible to record up to 30 seconds per event and up to 30 days can be saved with a DVR. This is also a good feature to have at a vacation home that is protected by a home security system or an outdoor workshop. These cameras are color, which means you are looking at the residence just as it looks, rather than in a black and white video where you might not be able to detect things.

Home improvements often show a large difference in the part of the house that they take place, but the home security system makes a big difference in all of the house. It may not be seen like paint or wallpaper, but the safe, secure feeling the entire family will have will make it seem like the largest home improvement project ever.

Source by Melissa Carey

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