There are many reasons to fear walking around alone in the world today. Unfortunately, the crime rate is high in about every city you visit. Whether you are walking out of your office building at the end of the day, or walking to your car in a parking garage after shopping all evening, there is a chance that you will be confronted by a dangerous situation. In order to defend yourself, there are many things that you can purchase to assist in your personal protection. Personal alarm key chains may just be the convenient product that you should carry with you at all times.

For your personal protection, something as simple as a personal alarm key chain can mean the difference in your getting hurt in a bad situation. These key chain personal alarm devices are useful because you carry them with you basically any time you travel by attaching them to your keys. A personal alarm device such as this offers you a sense of self-assurance and security. Just a simple pull of the pin that is attached and the device is set off, making a loud alarm to look an offender away. Some of these alerts come equipped with a flashing light as well that is useful in the dark. The key chain personal alarm device is small and lightweight. It requires you to install the batteries, and then you are all set.

There are other portable handy products offered for personal protection as well. These include a mini alarm with clip, or a ace and screecher alarm; both for a reasonable price. Another key chain personal alarm product is the electronic pocket whistle. This personal protection merchandise is very easy to use. To scare a predator away, all you need to do is push a button. The whistle is extremely loud, and will sound until you release the button. The electronic pocket whistle is only four inches long, and requires require the use of four batteries that are included with your purchase. This device is great for kids who walk home from school. If they have this key chain personal alarm device handy, you can rest assured that they are safe on their walk home. You just never know what kind of danger you will face when out in the world alone. There are also other convenient uses for this whistle such as dog handling, traffic use, or even for a referendum. Instead of blowing on the whistle, you simply push the button.

Protect yourself from crime by purchasing safety products. Whether you purchase a key chain personal alarm, or an electronic whistle, they both will help ensure that you and your family are safe when away from home. Everything you need for personal protection is readily available.

Source by Jim Guarino, Ed.D.

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