Your home or you business are the biggest investments in your life. You need to guard them with a top home security system you can depend on. You need a company with credibility. The perks of a top home security system are:

1. Reduced rates on your insurance

2. Protection and piece of mind from burglaries and other emergencies

I took the time to rate the best home security system companies out there to help you with your shopping for the protection you need.

1. Protect America

a. Offers a key chain remote, two secret keypads and one solar sign light with each installation

b. Company has been around for about 15 years

c. Lifetime warranty on equipment.

d. Comes with window signs and yard signs

e. Offers 5 wireless home security plans from $29.95 per month

f. No salesman coming to your home or calling you up selling


a. sells you with the technology.

b. You can arm and disarm your alarm from your smart phone or computer.

c. You can even adjust the temperature of your thermostat from your phone.

d. They even supply the mobile application for it.

e. However, before you sign up you usually have to talk to a salesman who probably gets a hefty commission. Yes you will get the up selling.

f. They talk a lot about the technology of arming and disarming but they leave you wondering about their ability to protect your home. Are you investing in a mobile application or do you want protection for your home?

3. Lifeshield

a. Lifeshield is lesser known but however, they offer better service than

b. They currently offer a $29.95 per month protection with the first month free.

c. They also give a key chain remote for free and fire and carbon monoxide protection for free.

d. They also give free installation.

e. They also have mobile applications.

f. Lifeshield also gives you the flexibility to expand your home security system monitoring (more sensors) if you so choose.

4. ADT (The Best choice)

a. This company been around for over 130 years. This is experience you can trust

b. They offer 24/7 home security monitoring from 8 call centers.

c. Offer a wireless key chain remote

d. Also offers a mobile application

e. Fire protection, carbon monoxide protection and other emergency services.

f.The largest home security monitoring company out there. The company just merged with Broadview security (formerly Brinks home security).

g. Costs more than Lifeshield and Protect America but your home or your business is your greatest investment. You need to protect them with a company you can trust and a company that’s the biggest and the best at what they do.

The best pick is without a doubt ADT home security monitoring. They have a lot of call centers and the experience at what they do. They are not the cheapest but sometimes quality comes at a price.

Source by Sherwin M Griffith

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