Don’t jump to the first home security company that tells you they are the best for you. Do your homework. Contact at least three home security companies and have them send out a representative to do a written estimate on your house.

After the representative has given you a run down on the best way to protect your home, here are a few questions to ask him/her.

1. Does your home security system offer a back up communication unit if telephones are cut or down?

Burglars are getting smarter these days. They will cut the phone line in hopes that it will cut off your communication with your home security company. Make sure your provider has back up communication.

2. Does the home security system have a back up system in the event of power failure? Can the system run on batteries?

If the power goes out, what happens to your home security system? Weather can play a big part in power failure; you need to check if your system can run on batteries and how long it will last.

3. What happens in the event of a power failure at the alarm monitoring station?

So you had a power failure. You need to know what happens inside the alarm monitoring station. Without power, how are they going to contact you?

4. Do your home security system have a warranty? What happens if it breaks?

While most have some type of warranty, you need to check and see the cost of repair and what all is covered.

5. Is this home security system convenient and effective to protect my whole family?

Does the company protect everyone and everything you love? Will it protect your animals, grand parents, children, and even valuables?

Some other questions you might want to cover with your representative are the contract length, cancellation policy, and return policy.

Deciding which Home Security System [http://www.homesecurityrelief.com/home-security-systems.php] shouldn’t be a long and hard decision. These questions are just a few to help you in the decision making process.

Source by Edson Buchanan

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