Are you trying to decide on which type of home security system you want to install in your home? There are two basic types: Monitored Security Systems and Traditional Alarm Systems that you can choose from. Utah security is getting more and more important because of the growing crime rate, so it is getting increasingly important to have an alarm system protecting your home. Here are a few of the similarities and differences that you will find with these two different types of security systems.

With a monitored security system there is someone monitoring the alarm 24/7. If the alarm is tripped at your home then the alarm company will call and ask for the personal identification number that lets them know it is you. If the call is not answered or the number is wrong they will immediately dispatch the police to come to your home to find out what the problem is. A traditional alarm system will still be set off if it is triggered by a perpetrator, but the difference is nobody will be alerted except for your neighbors. This is something that a lot of people do not like because very often the person that triggers one of these alarms is someone who actually lives in the home. This means the neighbors ignore the alarm and nothing gets done if someone actually breaks in.

These are just a couple of similarities and differences of a monitored security system and a traditional alarm system. If you are just looking for a system that will let off a loud noise if it is triggered then you will want to go with a traditional alarm. However, if you are looking for one that will alert someone that something is going on at your house if the alarm is triggered then you will want to get a monitored system.

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