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Chosing an alarm monitoring company for your home or business should not be taken lightly

Security alarm monitoring is a business in itself that is focused on providing 24×7 alarm dispatch for home and business security systems. It should not be confused with a security installation company that targets install and configuration of the protection hardware itself. While some companies have their own in-house monitoring service like ADT for example, most installation companies outsource this important service to providors that specialize in this world. Do you really want your local dealer’s wife calling the police for you?

Maintaining monitoring facilities (yes you need more than just one) with infrastructure and trained staff is expensive even when customers number in the thousands. It requires dedicated dispatchers around the clock, IT people, infrastructure staff, adminstrative staff, you name it just to reach the minimum requirements for UL central station certification.

Alarm Monitoring IconGoing cheap often means getting service from a company that may not be UL certified, or perhaps is offering “self-monitoring” where the customer is responsible for calling the police, fire, or medical authorities.  This is not the way to protect your family or business.

We use, and have used exclusively COPS Monitoring since 1987. They monitor roughly 3 million homes and businesses in the US and have been around since 1978. They do not install alarm systems, just monitor security installations from their six hot redundant and load sharing central stations in New Jersey, Florida, Arizona, Tennessee, and Texas, and Maryland. COPS is UL listed, FM approved, IQ certified, and have more TMA Five Diamond certified central stations than anyone in the security industry.

But how is alarm monitoring priced and why does it vary so wildly?

The sham (yes I said it) in the security business is alarm monitoring.  This is where the real money is made, not the installation, though many local dealers do gouge their customers here too.  Even when they outsource the actual alarm monitoring service to others they still require customers to sign-up for multiple year contracts at a pretty high markup.  Most customers stay with their original security company for monitoring at least ten years on average so the profits can really adds up, especially when someone else is doing all the work!

How alarm monitoring worksAt SafeHomeCentral we outsource this very specialized service to COPS Monitoring, but because we have a long relationship with our partner we maintain extremely good rates that we pass on to our valued customers regardless if we install the hardware or its DIY.  We don’t require long-term contracts and in fact don’t require any customer to have alarm monitoring at all, though we highly recommend it otherwise you just have a noise maker.

Our alarm monitoring starts at just $8.95/mo when using phone line or VoIP connectivity with our central stations.  We also offer inexpensive Internet and cellular connectivity options as well which provide better protection since phone lines are prone to tampering.  We treat our customers with respect and charge a fair price for reliable service rather than look at each as a money making machine.  This is how we have stayed in business for over 30 years which is rare in our industry.  Many, many satisfied clients.

With ADT charging $27.99/mo for three years compared to our $8.95/mo with no contract it’s easy to understand why so many of their customers have come our way once their contract expires – though you need be careful with the ADT’s contract auto-renewal clause!

Is it difficult to make a change?

Making a switch in monitoring providers is not very hard.  SafeHomeCentral can talk you through the few keypad strokes needed or can make the changes remotely in many cases.  If you want to upgrade from a phone line to cellular we got you covered there too.  We’ll guide you to the necessary add-on communicator for your particular existing security system and configure remotely. And our communicator hardware, like our full systems are pro-quality with very low mark-up.  Looking to understand Home Security Alarm Monitoring Basics?

Don’t be fooled by the free system gimics that are tied to lengthy expensive alarm monitoring agreements.  Nothing is free in life, but by doing just a little research you can get quality, yet inexpensive alarm monitoring for your home or business.  Don’t fall for the high pressure sales tactics by the big guys who who don’t always provide the best service!


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