Homeowners across America all have the same concern, and that is to make sure that their homes are safe. Twenty first century America is vastly different than the America of yesteryear. Heavily populated city areas have always been targets for crime. However, today even the most quiet and stable neighborhoods are victims of home invasions and burglaries.

It is because of the growing concern for safety that more and more Americans are discovering home security systems. As a result, home security systems are on the rise, especially the installation of home security cameras. Gone are the days when only business owners relied on monitoring systems to protect their property.

Home security monitoring systems are devices that can be installed outdoors or indoors. If they are installed outdoors, they can assist a homeowner in discovering who is at their front door before the homeowner answers it. In addition, they can tell a homeowner who is on the property without having to discover themselves. No one wants to be harmed on their own property. If these devices are installed indoors, they can assist with capturing criminals involved in home invasions and burglaries, as well as monitoring babysitters and nannies.

There are many features to a home security system that homeowners are discovering. For example, if there is a problem with security, an alarm can sound that will send a message to the local authorities. The authorities can then respond to the emergency immediately. With home security monitoring systems, you can have trained professionals monitor your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week from interconnected command centers. That's a type of security that more and more homeowners are eager to have, especially for homeowners who work outside the home. In addition, these systems are user friendly so that arming and disarming the systems are easy with wireless controls. Finally, other options are available with these systems, such as fire and smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection and other monitoring.

The homeowner will find that there are many home security options available. Some can be bought on the Internet, or they can be ordered from catalogs. However, dealer installed home security systems are the most popular, even though they are more expensive. This is due to the convenience in not having to self install a system and also because home security companies offer mountains of advice on what the best security system would be for your home.

Reports have concluded that over a ten-year period, the number of single family households who will add dealer installed security systems will grow. The numbers are significant, with 18 percent of all US households installing the systems in 2001 to more than 30 percent of all US households in 2009. Indeed, new single-family starter homes will be the fastest growing type of household to install the systems. People are adding the systems before they ever even move into a first home. In 2009, 60 percent of all single-family starter homes will have dealer installed security systems.

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