Home alarm systems are kid friendly; they have come a long way with today’s technology. They are easy to understand and easy to arm or disarm. The security system is able to protect both the residence and the family from break-ins; smoke or fire and they can make a child home alone feel safe. More than making them feel safe as long as the system is armed they are safe, since there are trained professionals monitoring the security system for any alerts.

The child or teenager that comes home before their parents can disarm the alarm system with the use of a key chain pad, which means no false alarms because the child did not make it to the wall pad in time. This can make them feel confident about using the home security system, which means they will arm the system when leaving home or coming in the house alone. That means parents don’t have the fear of them being in an unsafe house until they arrive home, which a stranger might be able to enter.

Home security systems give parents piece of mind, knowing when they cannot be at home before the kids they are protected from strangers, break-ins, smoke and fire. This is important when children are old enough to be home alone and do not want a babysitter, but parent’s work schedules don’t permit being home when the child gets home.

Security systems have outward signs that the residence is protected, because there are decals for the windows and doors, plus a sign for the yard. Criminals look for these signs at a house, apartment or condo, before choosing it to break into. They know the risk of attempting to rob this type of residence, because the monitoring center will receive a signal that the alarm has gone off and alert the authorities. What that means to a criminal is that they only have minutes to leave the area or be caught, which makes them pass by the residence that has an alarm system. It just is not worth the risk of being caught for burglary of a home and when there are children at home it means they are much safer. Criminal elements checkout a house or apartment before breaking in, this is because they want to know that the residence is empty in most cases. They do not want to risk anyone being at home, so they watch for signs for it to be empty, but when it is protected by an alarm system they are not that brave.

Every parent wants to protect their children and the way to ensure they are as safe as possible at home is to protect the home with a security system, with monitoring. The alarm will be triggered twenty-four hours a day if anyone tries to break-in or if there is smoke and fire. Kids are safe when home alone or when the entire family is sleeping and there is an event, while the family gets to a safe place, the monitoring center is alerting the authorities.

Source by Bill Ray

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