Finding the best home security system for your own home can be quite a difficult task, if you do not know what to look for or what is best for your needs. One of the most relied upon types of home security systems is the wireless security system, and one of the brands that people seem to trust when it comes to their home security needs is GE. GE, or General Electric, has quite a few home security systems for you to choose from and finding the best one for your needs from this particular brand can leave you confused.

There are many types of the wireless security products available online for you to choose from. To help you choose a particular system that you can use in your home, we will talk about a product that a number of consumers have found to be rather effective in keeping their homes safe. This particular wireless home security system is the GE Simon XTi Wireless Alarm System.

This wireless alarm system comes with a control panel, motion detector, keyfob and power supply. It also comes with a rechargeable back-up battery that can run for 24 hours, monitoring stickers, door and window contacts, a quick setup guide, and an owner’s manual. This alarm system allows you to add around 40 sensors, has a rather loud siren and multiple functions for the many types of security threats your home may be exposed to.

Off the bat, some people find that this particular wireless security system is easy enough to understand and install. You can set-up your entire house alarm system in less than an hour to a couple of hours, and even quicker if you get professionals to do this for you. You can also ensure that your home is truly protected even when you are on vacation by checking the alarm’s status online.

This particular security system comes with a wide array of useful features that not only protects your home from burglary, but also from other events that can damage any part of your home. For example, carbon monoxide monitoring will alert you to rising levels of CO that can be very dangerous to your health and may even be life threatening. Your alarm system can also alert not only you but your local fire department if there is a fire in your home with the help of smoke and fire detectors and sensors.

The GE Simon XTi is a system that you can get from the Home Technology Store with one of three service types – basic phone line, VOIP/Internet and Cellular/Wireless. What kind of service you choose will dictate the kind of home security you will get. If you choose to get the Cellular/Wireless service type, you will find yourself with a home security system that has 24×7 monitoring, email notifications, text message notifications and pre-programmed sensors. You also get to arm and disarm your alarms online or from a phone app, get a thermostat and lighting control, get real time sensor status and a system that integrates easily with security cameras.

You have to remember, that while this system is indeed a very effective tool for your home security needs, having the right service provider for it makes all the difference in how well it can indeed keep your home safe. Make sure that you find the right service provider for this effective wireless security system so that you can take full advantage of all its features.

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