Protect your Florida home better and eliminate problem areas in your home’s overall home security plan. As much as home security has to do with better home alarms and locks on your windows and doors, it has to do with your ability to evaluate your current habits and make necessary changes. In other words, home security includes a homeowner’s decision to critically evaluate his or her own habits and make changes to promote greater security.

Over time, people can be lulled into a false sense of security. Living in safe neighborhoods or quiet towns can lead a homeowner to believe that their home is well protected merely by its location. Years without a crime against property can also lead one to believe that their home is safe based on past experience. However, one must realize that the lack of prior crimes against one’s property and perceived neighborhood safety are not forms of home security. Only affirmative actions that secure one’s home and deter possible future crime are true forms of security.

Florida homeowners should therefore evaluate their habits developed over time and make necessary changes in order to promote greater security. There are several habits that you may have developed over time that do nothing but encourage crimes against property. You may never experience the negative effects of such breaches of security, but that should not be a risk you are willing to take. Here is a short list of common bad habits homeowners develop that lead to unexpected crimes against property.

1. You hide a spare set of keys under the welcome mat or rock near the front door. Actually this habit is not fooling anyone. In fact, you need to be more careful with all your spare sets of keys.

2. You leave a garage door opener in a vehicle parked in the driveway overnight. Leaving a car outside of the garage means it could possibly be broken into. If that occurs, you do not want extra garage door openers inside the vehicle, since you are likely in the other bad habit of keeping the door to your home unlocked inside the garage.

3. You do not set your alarm regularly. What is the point of having a great home security system if you never set it? Be sure everyone responsible enough knows how to set and disarm the home alarm.

4. You regularly forget to lock doors and or windows when stepping out of the house for a brief period of time. Even the shortest amount of time can provide a burglar ample opportunity to steal valuables from your home. Get in the habit of locking all the doors and windows every time.

5. You fail to lock sheds, fences, and extra garages. Especially if you have expensive or valuable goods in the sheds or garages, you will want to make sure they are properly secured.

These are just a few common habits homeowners develop over time that contribute to greater numbers of burglaries in Florida. Be sure to correct the bad habits so your home security system isn’t installed for naught.

Source by Levi Mortenson

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