Statistics show that, in the United States, there is a burglary every fourteen seconds, placing the country in the first place in the world by the burglary rate. The average victim of burglary lost property worth about two thousand dollars. It's interesting to note that most burglaries take place during the day, when homeowners are at work. The burglar usually enters through the front doors! Property crime and burglary is on the rise in times of economic crises. This is what makes home security, especially today, an important issue for Americans.

There is, though, one encouraging fact: according to the same statistics, homes that have an intruder monitoring system in place are three times less likely to fall prey to burglary. The issue of home security should not be taken lightly. A homeowner should take time to find, and put in place, a good monitoring system that will keep burglars out of his property, and ensure the safety of his family.

Driveway alarm systems are a welcome addition to any home security plan. You will be alerted whenever someone has entered your driveway, be it a person or a vehicle. You will be aware of the stranger approaching long before he turns up at your doors. Not only are you never again going to miss a delivery man, but you can rest assured that your home and property is protected the best that it can be.

Driveway alarms have a range of about six hundred feet. They are so simple to install, most homeowners decide to tackle the installation themselves. Driveway alarm systems can be set up in mere minutes.

Typically, a system consists of one transmitter that can be installed at some point along the driveway, and one receiver that can be plugged into a standard outlet in your home. There is an option to add multiple transmitters and receivers if needed. Some types of receivers can be portable.

There are different types of driveway alarm systems. The most common types make use of radio waves: the radio wave detects a person or an object move across its path and sounds an alarm. Ultrasound and light waves are also used for that purpose.

One important advantage of wireless driveway alarms is that a burglar can not simply cut the wire and take the alarm system out, like it is unfortunately possible for a burglar to do with the wired systems. Wireless systems will continue to operate even when a burglar tries to smash them. Sensors connect wirelessly to a control panel that sends alerts via secure cellular network. You do not even have to own a phone line to use wireless driveway alarms.

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