Many people considering commercial security systems wonder whether or not these products need to be connected to a landline to work. These people are not necessarily cutting the cord on their office phones, instead they want to be assured that if a burglar cuts that cord an alarm will sound. The good news is, there are several products available that don’t require a landline. There are also systems that don’t even need an office-based Internet connection to work.

Advances in Technology

Most of the higher quality commercial security systems on the market connect via a cellular network. This means that they send a wireless signal to a monitoring center if a break-in is detected. Some products are also able to monitor a property 24 hours a day and are able to send a signal even if the alarm is tampered with or destroyed completely.

Wireless Options

Smartphones have, of course, become more powerful than ever, providing unprecedented levels of connectivity no matter where in the world you may be located. Commercial security systems take advantage of this power to provide the customer with an ability to monitor their property by simply using a mobile device.

If a problem is detected, the property-owner receives a text as well as an e-mail alert, and can receive a video of the property. That way, one can quickly evaluate whether their home or office is being burglarized, or if it was simply an employee that has tripped the alarm by mistake. In addition, a mobile phone can be used to arm and disarm the system at will.

Peace of Mind

The biggest benefit of not being dependent on a landline is a heightened level of security. When burglars strike a business, one of the first things they typically do is cut the phone line. This, of course, would render a traditional alarm useless because it wouldn’t be able to send a signal to a monitoring system. These types of alarms are entirely too easy to compromise. Cellular communication, however, eliminates that problem.

Not only is cellular technology safer, it is also faster. If a true breach occurs, a signal is sent to the monitoring center – up to four times faster than traditional landlines. It takes as much as 26 seconds for a landline signal to be sent to a monitoring station, compared with only six seconds for cellular. When true emergencies such as burglaries, fires or accidents occur, these few seconds can make a huge difference.


Commercial security systems that use cellular technology are not dependent on who provides your phone service. You can change phone companies at any time without having to worry about scheduling a service call with your security provider.

Thanks to cellular, commercial security systems are not only more effective than ever they are also more flexible.

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