Thousands of elderly people leave their homes every day. Some want to explore the country while others are just heading out to the shop. Anything can happen and as you age, your balance starts to waiver, your strength lessens and you are at a higher risk of a fall and injury.

For those who have elderly family members living in their own homes, this is an exceptionally stressful experience. You can’t force a loved one to go into a care home and in many cases the elderly family member refuses to leave the comfort of their own home where they have lived for many years.

The solution is to find a personal emergency response system that meets both your and your elderly family members requirements and needs. These systems are convenient, they give peace of mind and they are affordable. They are a much cheaper solution than paying for care home or in-home care.

The personal emergency response system doesn’t require a base unit, telephone or cellular phone. It is a small and compact device that’s worn on the body and pushed in event of an emergency.

The button works for months on a single charge and offers peace of mind when you need it most. The advantage to this particular system is that growing old doesn’t mean you have to slow down. Those wearing the device can do anything and go anywhere with the knowledge that should they need help they push the button and emergency services dispatched to their place.

One of the advantages of these systems is the weight. They are small and lightweight devices that’s worn on the person with easy to reach help button which gets pushed at any time. They come with soft touch solutions for those lacking fine motor skills.

The system is used at home or while on vacation, as long as you are in the United States and within a T-Mobile coverage area. The response team will be able to pick up a panic signal within minutes and dispatch emergency services whether you have taken ill while on vacation or fallen in your own bathroom.

The biggest concern for most families these days is looking after their elderly loved ones, especially those that refuse to move to a care facility and want to enjoy the rest of their lives in the comfort of their home. Leaving an elderly loved one alone at home is always a risk. If they fall, how long do they lie on the floor before help arrives?

The personal emergency response system is design to cut the risk of a loved one being stuck on the floor and unable to reach the phone. As long as they are wearing their panic-button, they simply push the button for help.

Majority of accidents involving elderly people are falls. A fall when you are getting on in age is significant, it can lead to a broken hip or even the inability to get up off the floor and dust yourself off.

The personal emergency response system offers USA monitoring from an experienced and knowledgeable team with ongoing training. The teams are constantly updating their knowledge and skills to make sure that they give their customers with the highest level of medical help any time.

This particular system is just one of the personal emergency response systems available and is design for those customers who still want to have the freedom to do what they want and go where they want to go, with the added peace of mind that help is only a push button away.

Source by Bryan Zurawski

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