Many people around the globe are now using virtual doorman systems instead of having a physical doorman presence, especially in the case of tenants who are looking to have their parcels delivered when they are not available themselves to accept deliveries due to work or school commitments.

There are also many businesses that now use these services, as remote identity verification and entry provided for commercial buildings means that they can save money on hiring a full time security presence when it is not really needed.

Furthermore, the use of these virtual doorman and aiphone intercom systems can be tailored to property owners’ varying needs.

Despite the many advantages that this type service offers, one of the concerns of some people is whether this actually provides a high level of security when compared to other systems that require a human presence. Here are some factors that indeed point towards a virtual system being an exceptionally secure solution for many properties.

Firstly, one of the main security advantages of this system is that it relies solely on technology for the gaining of entry to a property. Doors can be closed using complex locking systems and there is no way to open the door other than by being granted access through a remote system or the access code of residents or workers.

Without virtual identity checks being fulfilled satisfactorily, in many cases it simply will not be possible to gain entry to a property, whereas in the case of other methods which requires a doorman to gain entry, this is not the case.

Although this will all depending on the locking systems that are in place to stop forced entry, it is still fair to say that a tough entry system paired with rigorous security checks via an advanced aiphone intercom system will prevent entry of people who are simply not meant to be there.

There is another important security gain with using virtual doorman services, and this is that these often take advantage of the latest technologies to ensure that verification takes place. This often happens via a video and audio aiphone intercom system, but the reality is that newer technologies can even be integrated for even better security.

Various checks can be made electronically which cannot be done manually by a single doorman, and therefore this means that a virtual system could have many security gains. If a property owner is considering implementing this kind of system, it is well worth consulting several different virtual doorman services to find one which offers the best technology for your purposes.

Many are understandably concerned that it can be harder to verify people’s identity through a remote system, but in many cases this is not the case. In fact, aiphone intercom systems have extremely sophisticated video and audio systems to ensure that thorough identification is made possible.

There is also the opportunity to tailor the services to exactly what the property owner wants. This can include showing a variety of ID forms, as well as confirming passcodes orally via the audio system. Each security solution can undoubtedly be customised, which means that this can be a very safe solution.

All in all, there are numerous security advantages for those who choose to implement these systems. Although people may have concerns about not having a physical presence on the door, this can be countered by choosing a highly reputable virtual doorman service that only uses the latest security technology.

It is also worth remembering that physical security forces are not infallible, and that there can be advantages and disadvantages for each and every security or doorman service available. Whichever one a company chooses will all depend on their needs, objectives and the budget that they are working with.

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