Rubber hose driveway sensors will deteriorate with time, and there is just no way around that. Infrared driveway sensors will ALWAYS pick up animals, birds, dogs etc. and so can cause frequent false alarms depending on your local wildlife situation.

The big bonus to magnetic probes is that the only condition which can cause an alarm, other than metal moving near the sensing probe are nearby lightning strikes. Many customers end up switching from infra red alarm systems to the magnetic probe type because of this. If you are receiving frequent false alarms than you will eventually become desensitized to the alarm bell and it will stop serving its purpose. With a magnetic probe system you will know that every time your driveway chime sounds a vehicle has entered your property and travelled past your driveway alarm sensor.

The magnetic probe driveway alarm systems are also the only sensors which you can choose to be wireless or hard wired. The Mier and Winland driveway alarms are industrial and residential hard wired driveway alarm systems. While burying the wire from the sensor location back into the building for the chime can be labor intensive and a pain it will insure that you never have to worry about changing batteries again. The other advantage with this solution to some homeowners is that the entire outdoor portion of the system is buried leaving your lawn and property looking perfect. It’s also an advantage if you are hoping for a covert system which allows you to have a driveway alarm system without letting people know your monitoring traffic in the area.

Wireless magnetic probe systems are simpler to install and still provide excellent driveway security. Simply bury the probe in the location you would like to monitor just as you would with a hard wired system than run the wire (typically comes in lengths of 50, 125 or 250 feet) back to a tree or post where you would like to mount your transmitter box. Depending on the wireless system you have chosen this location may need to be closer to the home or building where your chime is located. You can than just pop the appropriate battery(ies) into the transmitter, activate the chime and you have a working driveway alarm system.

Whether the additional costs of a magnetic probe system are worth will be up to you to decide. Some people live in locations with lots of wildlife and/or pet traffic so an infra red sensor would constantly be false alarming, in that case a magnetic probe is likely an attractive option.

Source by Nathan McBride

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