An Ambush Code is a PIN (personal identification number) that deactivates the alarm system, but sends a silent signal to the Police and/or monitoring company that personal assistance is needed right away due to an ambush.

Let’s say you are the Branch Manager at a Bank/Credit Union, you are just showing up for work in the morning and you are the first employee there. You are walking up to the door to get inside the building, and all of the sudden two or three guys come out of nowhere with guns drawn telling you to disarm the alarm system and take them into the building. What do you do??? Obviously, you walk inside, disarm the alarm, and they commence to take what ever they can get and possibly hurt you! However, if you have an Ambush Code set up that you have memorized you can enter in that code, the robbers think they have plenty of time, and they wind up getting caught because you used the Ambush Code instead of just disarming the alarm.

Chances are your alarm system has this feature, but do you know what this important number is? Would you keep your memory and use it if needed? Do you have policies and procedures on when this PIN number should be used?

Well, if you do not know your Ambush Code you need to contact your alarm company and have them set up one for you. It is imperative to memorize this number! You will be thankful that you have it when a robber tells you to disarm the alarm and he has no idea that you are about to notify the police! It will make the robber think he has more time, but also the robber will think that you just did him a favor.

This is a very nice feature on today’s alarm panels so if you’re alarm system has this, please know how, and more importantly when to use you’re Ambush Code!

Source by Rex Huffman

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