Honeywell AlarmNet Check 103

CHECK 103 Long Range Radio XXXX 

Check 103 Long Range Radio (LRR) followed by a 4 digit code is an error that shows up on Honeywell control panels if there is a problem with the cellular or IP communication associated with AlarmNet. 

Cause for Error

Check 103 LRR could show up if the AlarmNet cell and/or IP radio loses contact with the alarm panel or more likely with AlarmNet. This usually occurs when there is a temporary cellular outage from your local LTE network. It could be routine tower maintenance or actual hardware problems with the carrier. 

There is generally a 4 digit code after the Check 103 LRR which indicates where to begin your troubleshooting. 

  • 0000 – Control panel lost communication with the AlarmNet communicator
  • 0880 – Tamper detected – The cover has been removed (opened) on the communicator.
  • 0005 – Lost communication with the cell network.  Honeywell communicators in the US use ATT or Verizon for service.
  • 000F – Communicator is not registered, activate the radio/account with AlarmNet (dealer would do this).
  • 0019 – Communicator Shutdown
  • 0400 – Communicator power on/reset and the control panel lost communication with it
  • 0C80 – Communicator power on/reset and tamper detected
  • 08E0 – Communicator tamper detected and communicator battery is low
  • 3000 – Primary power loss
  • 8000 – Battery charger failure
  • 0060 – Communicator low battery

How To Correct The Issue

  • Test the Communication. There is a possibility the cell towers had a temporary loss of communication with your alarm system’s cellular communicator but now the communication path is restored. Trip an alarm and be sure you get a call from the central station.  If using Total Connect 2.0 also check to see if you can remotely arm and disarm.  Usually the error goes away once communication with AlarmNet is restored but sometimes going into Program Mode then exit is required to remove the error message.  
  • On a Vista panel enter [Installer Code] + 800.  4112 is the default Installer Code unless changed by the installer.  “20” will appear on the keypad if in Program Mode.  To exit just enter *99.  The message should be gone if communication has been restored.

2. Power Cycle The Communicator/Panel. Many times a simple power down then power-up will resolve the issue.  

  • Open the panel cover and locate the backup battery (large rectangle at bottom of panel).
  • Remove either the RED or BLACK wire from the backup battery.
  • Unplug the panel’s AC transformer from the wall 110VAC outlet.  Many times the transformer is screwed in to the outlet so just loosen the screw and unplug.
  • Count to 10
  • Reconnect the backup battery.
  • Plug the AC transformer back in to the nearby 110VAC outlet..

If neither of these steps worked just reach out to your AlarmNet dealer such as for assistance.