Many people love dogs and owning one is a pleasure for them. However, some people also own dogs for security reasons, as something that helps protect the home. The other main alternative is high quality home security system. Both dogs and security systems have their own benefits, but the alarm system will probably do a better job of protecting a home in the end.

A dog needs incredibly specific training to become a guard dog. Only certain breeds are really suited for the task and the training process can be long and expensive. Certain professionals make a lot of money training canines for the guard role. An improperly trained guard dog can be dangerous and aggressive, which is certainly not something desired in the home. An aggressive guard dog is as likely to keep you out of the house as it is a burglar!

Installing a home alarm system is comparatively simple. A professional can come and assess the home. They will identify all of the doors and windows through which anyone could access the home and place sensors on all of these entry points. From this point on, turning the alarm system on and off is a simple process for anyone authorized to do so. Simply enter the correct password or wave an electronic key and it’s safe to enter. Plus, there’s no chance of the alarm system biting you or a family member.

Taking care of a guard dog can be a lot of work as well. Food bills can be expensive, as guard dogs tend to often be bigger breeds. They also require daily exercise and walks to keep them healthy and keep the house clean. If leaving town it’s not possible to leave the dog to take care of itself and the house. It still needs to be fed and walked, which requires finding and perhaps paying someone to be responsible for it.

On the other hand, a home alarm is self sufficient once installed. It should come with a back-up battery in case of power outages. If the alarm is activated, it provides more protection than just a loud noise. It should be connected to a monitoring center that is overseeing the system 24 hours a day. If the alarm is set off the company can contact both the homeowner and the police to ensure a quick reaction. Imagine a dog that could do that!

A good security system can also protect the home in other ways that a dog can’t. It can monitor for smoke or fire and let authorities know about any emergency. It can even measure levels of dangerous gases like Carbon Monoxide in the home. Sensors can also be installed that watch for pipe freezing or basement flooding.

A dog makes for a perfect pet. It can be a great companion, and studies show that dog owners tend to be healthier and happier. But for home security, an alarm system can do a great deal more to protect the home than Rover can.

Source by Eleanor Stevens

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