At least once a day someone says to me, “It wasn’t so long ago that nobody even locked their doors. Why is the home security alarm system so popular now?” The answer is that there are actually several reasons people want the protection these systems provide.

1. People don’t feel as safe as they used to feel. Crime rates might be rising. But the real reason people don’t feel as safe is that the media informs us every evening of all of the crimes occurring in homes in our area. Whether there is or isn’t more crime, we are certainly more aware of neighborhood crime.

2. We, as a society, tend to believe that burglaries and other crimes increase during times of economic hardship. This is certainly true in some areas, and the media encourages us to believe it is true in all areas. Convinced of a rising crime rate, people invest in home security alarm systems.

3. When people buy a home in a neighborhood where a large number of people have a home security alarm system they tend to believe they also need a system. The assumption is that there is a good reason the neighbors have security systems.

4. Many home builders are including wiring for home security alarm systems as part of the basic construction package on new homes. It is hard to know whether builders are responding to a trend or there is a trend that follows what builders are installing in new homes.

5. Lifestyles encourage many people to want a home security alarm system to protect their families. For those who travel frequently for business, for parents who want to know their children are returning to a secure home, for parents who occasionally leave older children home alone, the security system offers confidence the children are safe.

6. Parents who leave young children with a babysitter are purchasing video monitoring equipment or “baby-cam” equipment to tape the interaction of their children with the sitter. These parents want to know their children are safe and choose to install a home security alarm system.

7. People with disabilities who want to live independently can install home security alarm system equipment that offers monitoring safeguards to keep them safe. They might install a monitor that sends out an alert if they are in the bathroom for more than an hour. If they could not reach an emergency button, the monitoring company would investigate and send help.

8. People who worry about elderly parents who want to “age in place” can install a complete home security alarm system that includes monitors for activity in various parts of the house. This might include monitoring for activity in the area where medications are kept and appropriate times of the day, or monitoring for activity outside the bedroom between the hours of 6 and 10 a.m.

Some of these sensors and monitors and alarms can be used in multiple ways to safeguard all family members whether you are at home or away. Most of the devices that make up a home security alarm system can even be monitored over the internet from any location.

If you have concerns about the safety of your family, contact a security professional to help you assess your risk, analyze your needs, and create a home security alarm system that fits your needs and your budget.

Source by Todd Cavanaugh

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