To get the most out of your home alarm system, you might have to have some insider knowledge, so to speak. To be fair, even the minimum effort on your part will result in vastly improved security for your home if you choose to go with such a system. But if you’d like to stretch out its usefulness and convenience as far you possibly can, you’re going to want to pay attention to some of the following tips.

1. You don’t have to ruin the appearance of a room with a a bird’s nest of wiring. Even though wired sensors won’t usually make a mess anyways, you can take wires completely out of the equation by making use of wireless sensors. Most home alarm system companies offer them now and they’re just as effective as their wired counterparts.

2. Make sure to tell your alarm company about pets that may roam around your home. The last thing you want is for your furry friends to cause false alarms, as it creates needless hassle for you and your alarm company. You can avoid such scenarios by having your alarm company calibrate your sensors to account for them.

3. You can protect your home against fire damage too. Most home alarm system companies give you the option of adding fire protection, which comes in the form of advanced fire detecting sensors placed around your home. These sensors are more effective than smoke detectors and can discover a fire sooner, which can result in less damage being sustained. Ultimately, adding this option to your coverage could end up saving you thousands of dollars in structural damage and may even save your life.

4. Another way a home alarm system can save your life is if you choose to subscribe to the security pendant option. Such a pendant is meant for the elderly or disabled, but anyone who thinks they could make use of it can sign up. It allows you to call for help by simply pressing a button on the pendant. For example, if you were to fall and be unable to get up, simply press the button and help would be on the way.

5. There are other additional services available as well. For example, most alarm companies offer a surveillance option. It basically amounts to having cameras installed in and around your home at points you specify, but mostly on the outside. If your home alarm system is activated, criminals won’t be able to successfully rob or burglarize your home, but that might not stop them from trying. A criminal might take off immediately after the alarm goes off and end up eluding the police, but if you have a camera setup in place you could help catch them later. There’s no telling if they’ll try again or if they’ll try to target a house nearby. A surveillance setup can prevent future activity from occurring, making you and the neighborhood safer. Additionally, you may have items outside of your home, such as cars, that could benefit from being monitored.

Source by Levi Mortenson

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