When it comes to picking a security code for your home’s alarm system, it’s very important you remember and follow a few guidelines. It could be a terrible situation, spending tons of money you don’t have on an alarm system or home monitoring system, only to choose a code poorly, allowing intruders to crack the code easily and gain access into your home.

Here are 3 things to remember when before you lock-in a code…

1. Don’t use birthdays, anniversaries, special dates, phone numbers, etc. These are the most popular ways to pick a security code and unfortunately, many intruders aren’t strangers at all, and codes can easily be cracked. Plus, for most of us, your phone number can be found in the phone book.

2. Avoid repeated numbers or cliche numbers such as 12121, 12345, 01234, etc. Most people who have trouble remembering random numbers, have kids or elders living with them, tend to use simple number patterns. These are also some of the most popular patterns that intruders pray for. Pick random numbers and find some way to remember them.

3. Be Discreet about your code. Don’t tell anyone about it except the people living in the home. Don’t give it to neighbors, friends, family, no one. If you’re going to be out of town, and have to give the number out, change it immediately once you’re back.

For more information about this topic, and other topics that have to do with keeping your home safe, visit the website listed below. Have a safe day!

Source by Jeremy York

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