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RJ31X Telephone Interface
for Alarm Systems
The RJ31X is for use with Alarm System Communicators, Line Fault
devices, or other equipment as a means of connecting to the
incoming telephone line. Includes RJ31X 8 pin modular surface
mount jack and 2 ft. 8 wire modular cord with plug on one end and
spade terminals on the other.

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RJ31X Wiring Tips -
Connecting to standard telephone line (POTS)

Even though the RJ31X jack has more connections, typically only four are
used; two for the connection to the outside phone line (T and R), and two for the
connection to the inside phone lines (T1 and R1).

The RJ31X jack has 8 screw terminals inside the jack housing. This makes
it easy to connect the outside and inside lines. Just connect the lines as shown
in the attached picture. The outside and inside lines can come into the jack from
within the wall behind the jack, or into either, or both, sides of the jack.

The color coding may vary depending on how you or your earlier installer wired
the alarm panel to the phones originally, but this is the standard method. When
connected as shown (and nothing plugged into the jack), the inside phones
should be working. You can place the cover on the jack. It is ready for connection
to the security system.

  • Connect the RJ31X cord to the alarm panel:
    Red to "R" or "Ring" contact. (Ring, from phone company.)
    Green to "T" or "Tip" contact. (Tip, from phone company.)
    Grey to "R1" contact. (Ring, To inside phones)
    Brown to "T1" contact. (Tip, to inside phones)

  • Plug the cord into the RJ31X jack and test.

Use an RJ31X cord when connecting a Telular TG-1EXPRESS GSM cellular
communicator to your alarm panel.  

  • Connect as follows:

    Orange (2)  ==> GND (Terminal 4 on Vista-20P)
    Blue (7)       ==> +12VDC (Terminal 5 on Vista-20P)
    Red (4)       ==> Ring (Terminal 24 on Vista-20P)
    Green (5)    ==> Tip (Terminal 23 on Vista-20P)
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