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PIR Motion Sensors
A passive infrared motion detector (PIR) is an electronic security device that
detects intruders by "sensing" motion or body heat in the area being protected.
Most PIRs are designed to be used when your family is away from home or when
no one will be passing through the area "covered" by the PIR.

Recent innovations in security technology have resulted in the creation of "pet
immune" motion detectors-allowing dog and cat lovers to enjoy the same level of
protection they would receive with a standard PIR. These state-of-the-art sensors
provide "pet immunity" for animals weighing up to 80 lbs. Pet immune PIRs allow
your pet to move about freely but can still detect an intruder’s movement.  

Ademco/Honeywell has alarm detection sensors for wired, wireless and V-Plex

Ademco CK-IS2560 PIR with Look-Down Zone
detection, improved false alarm protection and global compliance.


  • Global Compliance:
    Our designs meet many of the worlds motion detector standards,
    including the new EN50131-1 and TS50131-2-2 standards.

  • Easy Installation:
    The IS2500 family contains 45° terminal blocks, EOL terminals and our
    new automatic walk test, making installation and testing a snap.

  • Selectable Sensitivity:
    Two dip switches make it easy to adjust the sensitivity and adequately
    protect the premises. Four different levels are available. Each setting
    modifies either the PIR pulse count or the alarm threshold, allowing the
    installer utmost flexibility.

  • Flexible Mountings:
    The IS2500 family mounts on walls, in corners or on ceilings, with
    heights from 2.3-2.7 meters (7'6" to 9'). The IS2500 works with the
    SMB10 family of swivel brackets.

  • False Alarm Immunity:
    The IS2500 family is designed to meet false alarm standards including
    SIA, EN50131-1 and TS50131-2-2. Microprocessor control helps filter
    out real signals from false sources. Our patented Black bug guard
    improves falses due to bright lights.

  • Uniform Sensitivity Optics:
    Custom designed Fresnel lenses help detect intruders at the edge of
    the protected area as easily as an intruder is directly in front of the

  • Patented Mirror Look Down:
    Provides better coverage up close with multiple zones in the look down


Data Sheet

Ademco CK-IS2560 PIR with Look-Down Zone
(Six Pack)
Package of six (6) CK-IS2560
motion sensors

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