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DIY Ademco Wireless Home Security Systems
DIY Wireless Ademco Home Security Systems
Honeywell’s GSMVLP digital cellular communicator combines ease of
installation with leading-edge communications technology. The
GSMVLP installs inside the same plastic case as the LYNX Plus with
no additional enclosures to mount. The GSMVLP also offers 2-way
voice over GSM via Honeywell AlarmNet services.

The GSMVLP is an excellent alternative to today’s communications
challenges, including:

  • POTS demise (no standard telephone line)
  • Unreliable VoIP (cable or DSL)
  • Cell phone-only homes

GSMVLP Features
  • Compatible with Honeywell LYNX and LYNX Plus control panels
  • Integrated design for ease of installation
  • No separate transformer required-operates off control panel’s
    power supply and battery
  • Dual-Path GSM technology with GPRS and SMS
  • Allows 2-way voice over GSM
  • Web-based programming
  • Supports upload/download of Honeywell LYNX Plus control
  • Total Connect remote services ready

Vanguard Security Corp's Central Station Monitoring required.

GSMVLP - LYNX Plus GSM Communicator
The TG-1 Express is an extension of Telular's existing primary residential
cellular alarm communicator product line. It enhances the Telguard Digital
portfolio and provides an additional versatile, cost-effective option for
customers that don't have traditional phone line. Over 80% smaller than
competitive standalone communicators, the TG-1 Express was designed
with the needs of both the security dealer and the homeowner in mind. Its
flexible features and functionality help reduce installation time at any
customer site.

Every Panel, Every Time:
The TG-1 Express supports virtually all alarm formats (Contact ID, SIA, SIA2,
DMP, Model IIe/IIa2 and Pulse formats) using dial capture for universal
security system compatibility. Works with all Vista series panels!

Uses Power and Backup Battery from the Panel:
The TG-1 Express is the first dial capture cellular alarm communicator that
is specifically designed and UL listed to leverage the power and backup
battery that already exists in the panel. Now installation time is reduced
because the customer no longer has to be concerned with the location or
availability of the wall outlet.

The SLIC Option:
Sometimes the best place to install a cellular alarm communicator isn't at
the panel. In these instances, Telular offers a Single Line Interface Cable
(SLIC) option. The SLIC allows an installer to run both the power and
telephony to the TG-1 Express over a single CAT5 cable, similar to how
computer networks use Power over Ethernet to provide power to networking

TG-1 Express Features:
• Clearly labeled LEDs for simplified diagnostics
• Available trip input for reporting trouble conditions independent of the
alarm control panel
• Transmits full event data from security and fire systems to our central
alarm monitoring station
• Consumes less power than a standard keypad, thereby simplifying system
• Meets UL Residential Primary listing requirements for combined Burglary
and Fire Applications

  • Nominal Power Consumption: 39 mA @ 12V
  • Transmit Power Consumption: 200 mA @ 12V
  • Radio Transceiver: Dual band cellular and PCS
  • GSM 850MHz: Class 4 (2 watts)
  • GSM 1900MHz: Class 1 (1 watt)
  • Antenna: dipole with SMA connector
  • FCC Compliance: part 15, 22, & 24
  • Size (without antenna): 5.6" H x 2.9" W x 1.3" D (14.22cm H x 7.37cm
    W x 3.30cm D)
  • Shipping Weight: 4.8 oz (136g)
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C
  • Operating Environment: Up to 95% humidity (non-condensing)
  • UL Residential Listings: 985 - Household fire warning systems
  • 1023 - Household burglar alarm systems
  • Requires RJ31X cord for connection to alarm panel (not included)

Order RJ31X cord/jack if you don't already have one in your system

TG-1 Express Installation Instructions (Install and Owner's Manual)

TG-1 Express Quick Install Guide
Telular TG-1 Express
Primary Residential Cellular GSM Alarm Communicator

service or need the security of GSM
communications - no phone line to
cut!  Works with all Ademco Vista
Vanguard Security Corp's
Central Station Monitoring
POTS (standard telephone line) line modems built-in, optional GSM
(cellular) and Internet communicators extend the reach to our Central

Another option is using an Auto-Dialer - with it you can have your
alarm system call your cell phone, pager, office phone, relative's cell
phone, or any phone number that you program in the event your
alarm is triggered without the added expense of Central Station
Keep in mind risk of loss is higher and insurance
discount is lower without true central station monitoring.

Typically an auto dialer will be capable of calling several
pre-programmed emergency phone numbers via a standard (POTS)
telephone line. Once a person answers, a custom pre-recorded
message will play that is usually no more than 40 seconds. If the
phone line is busy or there is no answer, the auto-dialer will hang up
and go to the next number.

  • Eliminates need for Central Station Monitoring
  • 1 Single voice message alarm zone
  • Calls up to 4 telephones, cell phones or pagers
  • Programmable Pauses
  • Momentary/Continuous, NC, NO or positive voltage activation.
  • Programmable PBX. Tone/Pulse Dialing.
  • Memory Retention (EEPROM) if power is removed or
    temporarily interrupted.
  • Exit/Entry delay functions.
  • Optional use of 24 hr. rechargeable standby battery available
    or use of 9V battery.

Installation Manual
United Security Products AVD-45C 1-CHANNEL

  • Eliminates need for Central Station Monitoring
  • 2 Separate voice message alarm zones. Calls up to 4
    telephones, cell phones or pagers.
  • Built-In Line Seizure.
  • Remote Turn Off feature allows termination of activated
  • EEPROM Memory retains program despite power loss.
  • Listen-In verification & communication
  • Universal Dial Tone.
  • Built-In Auxiliary Output to drive
  • External siren, strobe or relay.

Installation Manual
United Security Products AD-2001 2-CHANNEL

The Honeywell Vista-GSM Snap-In Module for the Vista-21IP is a
cellular communicator that transmits signals to the AlarmNet-G
network (GSM cellular network, which uses GPRS to complete these
transmissions) and forwards them to our central station.

System Features
  • Quick Connection to Honeywell/Ademco Vista-21IP control
  • Simple Programming and Enrollment.
  • Reports fire, burg, and status messages via wireless network.
  • Allows uploading and downloading of control panel data via the
    wireless network.

Modes of Operation
The Vista-GSM provides four modes of operation so it can be used
with various types of control panels.

  • ECP Mode: This mode is for use with Honeywell controls that
    support LRR-ECP Communication.
  • Zone Trigger Mode: This mode is for use with panels that do
    not support LRR-ECP Communication. There are 6 input zones
    built in for multiple zone signals.
  • 4204 Mode & Two-4204 Mode: These modes are for panels
    that don't support LRR-ECP Communication, but do support
    4204 Relay Modules.

Module Supervision Features
  • Network Communication Failure: In the event the AlarmNet
    network does not hear a supervisory message from the module
    within a specified time ("Supervision" option, 24 hours, 30 days
    or none), AlarmNet notifies the central station of a
    communication failure.
  • Communication Path Failure: In the event the module detects a
    communication path failure, the control panel can be notified of
    a trouble condition with the module after a specified time has
    elapsed ("GSM Flt Time" option, 00-99 minutes).
  • Fault Output: Terminal 11 can serve as a fail-safe trigger for
    radio fault conditions, including communication path failure and
    other internal failures that the device detects.
  • Primary Power Loss and Low Battery Conditions.
  • Cover Tamper Condition.

Installation Manual
Vista-GSM Cellular Communicator for Vista-21IP

RJ31X cord (link below)
if needed!
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